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Abbaby Tina Webb


The day six governing angels become enemies is forever etched in their memories. It is Helel’s fault. Not even Abba, the Creator, conceives that Helel could become enchanted by an impossible notion: to be deity. Emboldened by beautiful Atara, Helel morphs from a faithful friend to a cunning foe. Seduced by their own ambition, Helel and Atara form the most evil alliance that existence had ever known.  This is Earth before Adam. This is the story of how evil became. This is the story of how redemption was born.

“It really showed the love God has for all of His creation, as well as giving a beautiful representation of angelic relationships.”

“The book is descriptive, active, and thought provoking, and also allowed me to see how my own human frailties could have been birthed.”

“I was very much impressed with this debut novella and the story that flowed like a swiftly rushing river. On an intellectual level, I was impressed with the skillful execution of pacing and story telling. On an emotional level, I loved the vivid images Webb’s words evoked in my mind. On a spiritual level, I was impressed with the realities of Abba’s love, a love that always hopes, always trusts, always preserves, and always protects.”

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CIR: What inspired this story?

WEBB: After a family Bible study on the heart God the Father’s heart, I thought it would be cool to write a fictional account, with as much Biblical support as possible, on God’s reaction to the loss of one-third of his created angels, especially as a loving Father who did not create evil. The plot includes some interesting speculations on God’s original intent for creating other planets, the Gap Theory, and how iniquity could have developed in a being, Lucifer, that had only ever known pure Love and Goodness. I was inspired to write about the necessity for God to create the concept of justice and warfare, because according to the Bible, before the angelic rebellion, all of creation only knew peace. The book paints a picture of Earth before any ugliness, any disrepair, and any deterioration.

CIR: What do you hope readers get out of this book?

WEBB: I hope they get a greater understanding of how priceless the gift of redemption is. To understand how fear, loss, grief and violence were unknown to even God before Lucifer’s rebellion is an amazing thought. As a God of love and only good, existence was forever changed. Whether or not humankind was created at the time of this heavenly rebellion remains a question, however the plan for human redemption originated before the foundations of the world.

CIR: What themes do you address in this book?

WEBB: Love, longsuffering, justice and loss are just a few of the themes in my novel. As Creator, Abba loves each one of his angelic creations dearly. They were more than servants, certain scriptures refer to them as “sons”. Before writing the book, I assumed that God was instantly angry, but as I wrote the book and considered His fatherly affection, I had to reconsider.  At the same time, I’d never thought of the fact that God had to initiate justice in heaven in order to punish the rebellious angels. Whether stirred by righteous anger or propelled by kindness, true justice seeks what is best in the eyes of the Judge. For the victim, justice protects and restores. According to scripture, we know that 1/3 of the angels were kicked out of heaven.  God had 2/3 of the angels and His realm to protect. He had to banish 1/3 of the angels, despite the fact that as a Creator/Father, He would experience a sense of loss that would cause Him to lament. (Ezekiel 8:12) I’d never thought about the fact that love and justice go hand in hand. The intro to Part 2 of the book states: Love protects, never surrendering those who hold its affection, but always persisting in rescue.

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