A shot B&WHi, I’m Lia London, creator, curator and chief admin of all things related to Clean Indie Reads.

This site began as an obscure little blogspot thing with about 12 followers. I’d just entered the world of independently published authors and thought I’d start reading what the competition was up to. I discovered a wide range in quality and content, and I wanted to show off the good ones to my friends (to prove that indies weren’t wannabes). Since I felt most comfortable recommending books that were free of sex scenes, disgusting gore, or a ton of profanity, I decided to call it “clean” for lack of a more brilliant term. I realize that’s a fuzzy word, but hopefully our branding gets our idea across.

Well, the little blog took off, and within six months, traffic on the site was booming, and authors were asking to be featured. In November of 2014, I made the choice to upgrade to a dot com address with more power behind it. Each page includes the book teaser, reviews from Amazon and other selling sites, and an interview with the author. Some pages are for a single book, and some cover a series. You can find all kinds of things by searching the genre tags in the side bar. I bet you’ll find some new favorite authors. You can also see a few minute(ish)-long video book reviews on our YouTube channel. That’s new, so the list is short, but I guarantee they are all great reads.

We’re more than a blog, we’re a network!

Some of my earliest featured writers suggested creating a Facebook group where they could talk shop and help cross promote each other’s books.  That also exploded quickly, and has fast become an amazing resource for over 2700 indie authors, from the newbie who hasn’t hit “publish” on her first book to the established New York Times best-seller.

If you are an independent author who writes “clean” books according to these criteria, this group is for you. We are inclusive and nurturing, and have people from six continents, at least that many major world religions, and from all across the political spectrum. There’s room for you. Find us on Facebook and Twitter (search #CR4U). Put in a request to join, and we’ll get you going from there. If you have questions, you can contact me via my FB author page message option or email me at lialondon@cleanindiereads.com.

Whether you are a reader or a writer, we’re trying to help you have a positive experience in the hunt for the next best book you’ve ever read.