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Amber Alert Book Cover 10-2-15 -3by Linda K. Rodante


Sharee Jones didn’t plan on falling for a man who resents God, didn’t plan on the mutilated dolls or the threatening notes interfering with her Christmas program and the child who’s to play baby Jesus. She thought God’s hand was in it, but how can it be, when everything she hoped and prayed for is crashing down?

John Jergenson thought taking the maintenance job at his cousin’s church meant leaving his guilt-ridden past behind. But he hadn’t counted on Sharee and her program, hadn’t counted on her laugh or the warmth in her hazel eyes. And he certainly hadn’t counted on her wanting to know the truth about his past life. He’s thinking of leaving, but what if Sharee’s in danger? And if he runs again, will he ever forgive himself?

“Wow. What an awesome Christian romance/suspense. A story of loss, hope, forgiveness and a returning to God. This book has a lot to offer.”

“I loved this book! The characters were so deep.”

“This book keeps you going from the first word until last.”

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CIR: What inspired this book?

RODANTE: I love Christmas and wanted to write something that would lift up the name of Jesus and show the excitement of Christmas.

CIR: What makes this holiday book a unique must-read for the season?

RODANTE: The story centers on the development of a Christmas program, a man with a secret, a woman desperately trying to do all she thinks God has called her to, and the disappearance of a baby. And yet it is a warm love story highlighting God’s blessing in our lives and comes to a satisfying end.

CIR: What message do you hope your readers will get out of this book?

RODANTE: That God is faithful, and we can trust him.

CIR: Tell us about your favorite character in the book.

RODANTE: John Jergenson has a hidden tragedy in his life. He is angry with God and crippled by guilt; yet he has a deep capacity for love. He also enjoys joking and teasing with the female protagonist.

CIR: Can you share with us a fun holiday memory from your life?

RODANTE: My husband and I had spent most of the day decorating our Christmas tree, and it was late. He went to bed, but I wanted to see the tree lit. So, I turned off all the lights except the lights on the tree and laid down on the couch to stare at its quiet beauty. I was so tired, I fell asleep right there only to be awakened sometime later to a strange noise. The tree tumbled over on top of me!

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