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AERFby Debbie Brown


Book 1: Amethyst Eyes

Waking up in the hospital from the car accident that claimed his mother’s life, 15-year-old Tommy is told his father is on his way. Unaware of his father’s true identity or the reason he left so long ago, the teen is unprepared for the reality of the life he must now lead. In the blink of an eye Tommy finds himself on an alien vessel…his father is not from Earth!  The challenges Tommy faces go beyond adapting to a new home and school. But first, he has to survive Jayden…the reluctant, unsympathetic tutor, tasked to help him fit in. When he finally thinks things are getting better, it all comes crashing down as he learns that being born with amethyst eyes has made him the target of some very unfriendly beings.

“It has all the ingredients in it to keep you bound and reading on.”


“From the first moment when you are dropped right into the action, through the different developments in the story, from the emotional journey to the physical one, the book grabs hold of you and won’t be put down.”


“A story weaved with intrigue and emotion.”

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AE2RFBook 2: The Legend Comes to Life

Three years after his arrival onboard, Tommy begins Specific Training to assume his place in his father’s society. The transition to adulthood, laden with unexplored emotions and overwhelming responsibilities, have made this unstoppable change too much to handle. Tommy wants to go back home, to Earth, to a way of life he’d been forced to leave behind. An unforeseen attack on his father, a disaster on Earth, and the added weight of responsibility take their toll on the young man, who suddenly finds himself struggling to save the ones he loves.

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CIR:  What inspired you to write Amethyst Eyes?

BROWN:  I had been carrying the idea for this story around for over ten years, and when I lost my baby girl, I needed to do something to stay sane.  I needed to create a world where people did care about one another.

CIR:  So how did the writing process work for you?

BROWN:  This story took on a life of its own, and I became the observer, documenting the events as they played out.  I remember being surprised by some of the events that presented themselves in the process.

CIR:  What do you think that did for your book?

BROWN:  I think I was able to create a believable world and insert it into the story without distracting the reader. The reader is able to connect with Tommy, feel his discomfort at having to ‘fit in’ and enjoy the fact that Tommy remains a teen throughout, not all-of-a-sudden becoming a mature hero that thinks and acts like an adult.

CIR:  What are the themes that come through most?

BROWN:  This one covers coming of age, transition, not just the loss of a parent and adaptation to another, but having to adapt to a whole new way of life.  Real emotion, teen insecurities and growth.

CIR:  Is this for teens only, then?

BROWN:  This one is for 12 and up, because you can identify with various characters. It is a YA novel, but I have been told younger students fell in love with the adventure. One reader said Tommy was his favorite MC ever.  Another said she identified with the commander.

Lia London, host of this site, read this book and found it thought-provoking.  See review here.