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butterflyby Mary Hiker


Book 1: Butterfly Boy

A small mountain town is surprised when murder comes for a visit. 

Volunteer search and rescue dog trainer Avery Barks and her butterfly loving dog Chevy find themselves smack dab in the middle of chaos. Avery is forced to solve a murder in order to keep herself off the suspect list.

“A short story with a little of everything in it.  Loved the dog!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book!”

“These kind of mysteries remind me of my days as a kid reading the old ‘Nancy Drew’ mysteries. I think this author did a great job.”


StrangeOutfit350Book 2: Strange Outfit


With her fun-loving golden retriever Chevy by her side, all seems to be coming together nicely for Avery – a new job, a case of puppy love for Chevy, and a potential new boss that’s not so bad on the eyes.

She soon discovers that she should be careful what she wishes for. Before her interview is even over, a cadaver dog finds a dead body at the sanctuary. As strange things keep popping up at the new job site, she and Chevy find themselves at the center of a potentially dangerous game they never signed up to play.

“I am a true dog lover and this hits the spot.”

“If you love dogs, & want to read a clean mystery, this is for you! Jump in the front porch swing, toss a few peanuts to your squirrels, & be entertained!”

“It put me in mind of All Things Bright and Beautiful.”



PlayFetch350Book 3: Play Fetch


Avery is asked to assist on a search for a lost person and she readily agrees to help. But the victim’s dysfunctional family causes quite a distraction to the search efforts and may cause the loss of life.

When Avery discovers a body lying on the road, the connection between the deceased and her ex-boyfriend Travis becomes a little too close for comfort and Travis quickly becomes the prime suspect.

Avery is convinced he’s done nothing wrong, but convincing everyone else may be a little more difficult.

Lucky for them, the local residents love her playful golden retriever, Chevy, because she’ll have to count on their love for her dog to help her solve the murder and possibly save lives.

“Great book and funny.”


UnderwaterDraftBook 4: Underwater


A small, North Carolina mountain town is on edge after a string of unexplained fires and the sudden disappearance of an ex-volunteer Fire Chief.

Avery Barks and her fun-loving Golden Retriever, Chevy, are suddenly thrust into the middle of murder mayhem. In order to prevent murderous arsonists from invading their small mountain town, Avery will have to rely on her keen instincts to catch a murderer.

“I’m seriously hooked on this series!”



GoodFriends4ProjectBook 5: Good Friends


How well do you really know your friends?

Avery Barks teams up with an old friend to host a big event, but instead finds herself on the bad end of a criminal investigation.
With a murderer on the loose and two canine buddies by her side, Avery must find a way to put the pieces of the puzzle together before time runs out.

“This is the best one so far. Mary’s books about a playful golden retriever mix named Chevy just keep getting better.”


Mary6-SMALLERPrequel Holiday Book: Avery Meets Chevy


Avery Barks, a search and rescue volunteer is happy about moving into her own mountain cabin in time for the Christmas holiday. The excitement is short lived when several of her belongings turn up missing.

Fortunately, there is a new friend waiting in the wings to help her out…
It’s a fun cozy short story for the holiday season.


Mary7-draft1Book 6: Loyalty


Small town living can be murder…
County deputies are on edge after an influx of drugs invade the peaceful mountain community.

Avery Barks and her fun-loving Golden Retriever, Chevy, are suddenly thrust into the middle of a dangerous mystery. In order to prevent losing her best friend, Avery will have to rely on her keen instincts to catch a murderer.


“Another cute mystery with a cool twist. I adore these dog mysteries.”


“If you like light hearted stories with some twists and tangles ya’ll will love these stories.”



Book 7: Big Catch


Hanging out at the beach can be murder…

The elderly women in a North Carolina beach town are on edge after a local Romeo ends up dead.

Avery Barks and her fun-loving Golden Retriever, Chevy, are asked by a good friend to head down to the beach and help investigate. Avery will have to rely on her friend Deputy Don Donaldson and their ability to work as a team to catch a murderer.

“This one held a lot of surprises! Avery & Don go to the town where Avery’s mother lives to deliver an elderly rescue dog to an elderly lady who recently lost her boyfriend. Loved the ending!”


necktiepromoBook 8: Necktie

Fundraising can be murder…
Avery Barks is gearing up for the most important event of the year. Several potential donors are attending the search and rescue team’s fundraiser and everything needs to be perfect.

When a resort guest is found dead, Avery quickly realizes the fundraiser isn’t the only thing at risk.

She’ll have to push herself to the limit to keep her small mountain community from becoming the scene of a national level crime. Good thing she has a fun loving Golden Retriever as back-up.


“I like the way the series progresses in the relationship between Avery and Don.”


“If it’s a book with a dog playing a key role, I am hooked. What more can I say? I really enjoyed reading this novel.”


“I kept imagining my dog who’s now deceased in several chapters.”


Book 9: Rose


Search and Rescue training can be murder…

Avery Barks is ready for another fun-filled summer. With her fun-loving golden retriever Chevy by her side, all seems to be coming together nicely for Avery – lots of flowers to plant at the cabin, a potential new SAR team member, and a good looking boyfriend that’s easy to get along with.

She soon discovers that she should be careful who she allows to team practices. Before the training is over, a stranger’s secrets have everyone up in arms.

As her boyfriend hides secrets of his own, she and Chevy find themselves at the center of a potentially dangerous mystery.


“This is one of my favorites.”


Book 10: Smooth


Training dogs can be murder…

Avery Barks is getting ready to host a dog training seminar for the entire southeast region. The entire search and rescue team is dedicated to providing a top notch event. That dedication soon lands the group in the middle of a murder investigation.

With her trusty canine companion by her side, Avery must follow the clues and solve the murder mystery before a teammate’s family member winds up in jail… or worse.


“Delightful story with quite a few twists.”




CIR: What gave you the idea for this dog-centered mystery series?

HIKER: My own dog gave me lots of ideas!  He was so happy-go-lucky and had a huge heart. I always used to say he was 90% love and 10% mischief. I created this fun dog character that unknowingly helps to solve mysteries. The main character is Avery (an adult female) and Chevy is her dog. The prequel was inspired because I always ask people where they got their dog. Their stories are usually great. One day, I decided the readers may want to know how Avery and her dog Chevy met. The story is partially inspired by how I actually got one of my dogs.

CIR: What was the writing process like for your book?

HIKER: I love animals and nature, and my best ideas come while hiking in the forest or sitting outside.  I write down all the fun ideas and then form them into an outline.  Then I write the story from that, adding in more ideas as I go.

CIR: What do you hope your readers will get out of the series?

HIKER: I hope the readers get lots of enjoyment from the books. There are lots of fun twists and turns to keep them entertained. I hope to bring a smile to their face and help them have a great day.

CIR: What makes the holiday books unique must-reads for the season?
HIKER: Dogs = Love.  That’s what the holidays are all about.  That and a little bit of mischief thrown in!

Learn more about Mary Hiker and her writing at www.dogmysterybooks.com

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