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BlameTheMistletoe-EBookCover-FINALby Sarah Johnson


Unable to stay away from Meryton for long, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Charles Bingley return to Netherfield for Christmas, bringing with them Darcy’s sister Georgiana. Wickham has already established himself as trustworthy, especially in the eyes of Miss Elizabeth Bennet, giving Darcy an even harder time of winning her heart. Will the mistletoe boughs hung all around help in bringing these two lovers together?

“Ms. Johnson has such a style about her when she writes. She weaves elegance and romance into this story that will fill you heart this holiday season!”

“A wonderful novella that goes on a tangent from the original story.”

“This was a very well-written and sigh-worthy tale of our favorite couple.”


CIR: What inspired this book?
JOHNSON: Christmas, of course! Actually, the idea for this came several years ago when I was doing some research and came across some fascinating facts about mistletoe and how and when it was used in the Regency era, which is my favorite era to write. So I saved that information, and eventually a story began to emerge. After sitting on that idea for a few years, I was excited to see it come to life this year.

CIR: What makes this holiday book a unique must-read for the season?
JOHNSON: The Christmas season can only be enhanced by bringing together two lovers under the mistletoe.

CIR: What message do you hope your readers will get out of this book?
JOHNSON: Christmas is a wonderful time to explore forgiveness, and what better way to tell that than with a few kisses beneath a mistletoe bough as well.

CIR: Tell us about your favorite character in the book.
JOHNSON: I have always loved Jane Austen’s books, and her characters have inspired this book for me, with a slight twist to the story. My favorite character was the addition of Georgiana Darcy, who is able to convince her brother that finding love is worth the journey.

CIR: Can you share with us a fun holiday memory from your life?
JOHNSON: When I was young, we would travel to Tennessee to visit my grandparents, and during the week we were there, my two cousins would stay with them as well. It made for some wonderful adventures and fun cousin bonding, but sometimes we got into trouble as well. Like the time we decided to explore the burned-down ruins of a house down the street. My grandma was not impressed, but we had fun. One of the things I loved doing was lying out on the neighbor’s trampoline (with their permission, of course) and talking with my two cousins late into the night about things only a child can find fascinating. We may not have been around each other much during the year, but for that one week, Tracy and Renee were my best friends.

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