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by Jeffrey Collyer   Michael is a young man in modern England, minding his own business in the local library. Life turns on its head, however, when he has a powerful dream, full of symbols and foreshadowing. After awaking the … Continued


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by Laura VanArendonk Baugh   Winner, 2012 Luminis Prize   Book 1: Kitsune-Tsuki The onmyouji Tsurugu no Kiyomori, a practitioner of the mystic arts, has been engaged to protect the warlord’s new bride from the fox spirit rumored to be … Continued


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by Marilyn Dieckmann   Book 1: The Tree, the Boy & the Dog Life isn’t always fair, and if you’re an orphan it’s probably worse. Well, Joey is an orphan. His world is totally turned upside down the moment he sees … Continued