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A Chance to Come True Coverby S. M. Spencer


Caity Jones wasted a lot of years waiting for the “two kids, a dog and a white picket fence” dream to come true, but she’s ready to move on now. Letting go of society’s idea of the perfect life, she’s purchased a five-acre property in the small rural town of Willows. She’s determined to live a solitary life and become a writer. And that means staying away from men altogether.

Tom Murray owns and runs the local feed store in Willows. His marriage was a failure but his family is strong, and he can’t imagine a world that didn’t include his three young children. He’s an uncomplicated man, living an uncomplicated life—and he has every intention of keeping it that way.

Both are mature … both have baggage … and both have agendas that don’t include romance.

And then they meet.

“Spencer’s prose is, as always, smooth, vivid and measured. Her story rang so true that I realized it could be used as a guide to navigating the trials and tribulations of many modern couples.”

“A feel-good read.”

“The perfect book for lovers of sweet romance.”

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CIR: Tell us about Caity.

SPENCER: Caity embarks on a journey I always dreamt of, but never had the courage to undertake. She is much braver than I was at her age.

CIR: What message do you hope your readers will get out of this book?

SPENCER: I am a firm believer in the old saying ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. I also believe that things/circumstances/people are not always as they appear. There are a number of characters in this story who are getting another chance … hopefully in the eyes of the readers as well as the other characters.

CIR: Is there any content that some readers might find questionable despite the overall “clean” feel of the book?

SPENCER: The characters are adults, so there are adult scenes—but the action is primarily behind closed doors, so to speak.

CIR: Is there more coming?

SPENCER: Yes. I am planning to publish the next book in the series early in 2016, with several more books planned for the series over the coming year or years.