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ecover (1)by Linda Ellen


It’s 1937. Victor Matthews is a down-on-his-luck young man, frustrated with his life and his inability to find gainful employment.

Louise Hoskins is a young woman content in her life with her family and friends. Her biggest concern is her upcoming lead part in a play.

One rainy night, they meet…and both are forever changed. Neither could foresee that the world as they know it is on the precipice of experiencing the now famous ’37 Flood, and that daily life is about to be transformed into a bone chilling waterlogged state of affairs. But as that harrowing experience fades and their lives return to normal, the two young lovers embark on an unforgettable courtship – that is, until a terrible argument and a tragic misunderstanding tear them apart. How will they survive the separation? And why does one special song have the power to instantly transport the sweethearts back into the realm of cherished memories?

“I fell in love with the leading man and the relationship between him and his lady love. If you want to know what real long lasting relationships are made of then, you must read this book. It makes you want to forget about randomly dating and just dive right into a love that transcends time.”

“This is such a refreshing story highlighting true events with colorful fictional characters artfully portrayed.”

“This story is truly amazing. It has romance, chivalry, suspense, adventure and resilience. The love story is one that is believable, there is an indescribable reality to it; an ordinariness that makes the book impossible to put down. It is wholesome, moving, and beautiful.”

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CIR: What Inspired this book?

ELLEN: All my life I had heard about my mother and father’s romance during the turbulent years of the Depression, and especially about the famous ’37 flood. Mom used to say all the time that she had lived what seemed like 4 lives, and that her story would make a good book. One day, after writing four novels and many short stories, I was thinking about this and talked to her about it. The more we talked, the more excited we got at all of the facts, info, and ‘goodies’ we could use. Mom’s 90 now, and she was, of course, a great asset while writing the book.

CIR: What would you compare this book to?

ELLEN: I’ve said that it’s a cross between The Notebook, Man in the Moon, and The Waltons. Many who have read it have said it is like The Notebook, only it leaves you feeling good instead of sad.

CIR: What messages or themes do you hope your readers will get out of this book?

ELLEN: Although I did not label the book as an ‘Inspirational Romance’, it almost is. There is an underlying Christian current in the book, with the themes being that God doesn’t punish a person their whole life for one bad choice. And that God wants people to be happy. Many people see God as a big ogre up in the sky that looks for ways to hurt people.

CIR: What are the main characters like?

ELLEN: My main characters, Vic and Louise, are average young people, but both are hard-working, morally upstanding people. Vic has had a hard life, orphaned young, and people have done him wrong, but he remains a nice young man, a gentleman. Louise, unlike her sister Edna, most of the time does the right thing and is obedient to her parents. She does, however, make some bad choices after she meets Vic, because she is so crazy about him.

CIR: Is there more coming?

ELLEN: Yes, I am planning a novella, hopefully to be released before the end of the year. I’m writing the sequel, The Bold Venture, now, with the release to be late summer.