CIR Strong Award ~ April 2016

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11755639_10154140291146002_1215304829087524943_nH. L. Burke

Heidi is part dragon keeper and part benevolent indie advocate. The dragon part is pretty important. “If you follow me on social media, you’ll soon be able to beat the H. L. Burke Trivia Game (which I will be putting out next year. Trick to winning, the answer to about 50% of the questions is “DRAGON.”).” Heidi is a big help in CIR by being very “active in the stream”, meaning she’s present in the news feed discussions, helping with useful comments on a wide variety of subjects. She offers patient and hilarious advice about everything from branding to story development. She’s an excellent beta reader and a guaranteed pick-me-up when you’ve hit a writing slump or gotten a bad review. “I really like to talk, so when someone asks a question, it’s very natural for me to try to answer or share my experiences. It’s part of being a storyteller. I also sometimes just get ideas that I want to run with and pull everyone present along for the crazy ride.” 

One of those ideas was to organize a subgroup for CIR authors who specialize in writing fantasy. “We’re a pro-dragon group. Dragons are not required, but to join you must at least have a respect for them as the majestic beasts they are.” Seriously, though, she provides tremendous support for her fellow fantasy writers, both with good advice and helping them promote their books. “I also host random interviews where I ask writers insane questions so they can flex their humorous muscles. So much promotion is just sharing links and the same cover art over and over again. I like to help people find unique and hopefully effective new options.”

Heidi is a prolific writer, specializing in dragons, of course, but branching into steampunk and other styles of fantasy. Click on the banner below to go to her Amazon page or visit her website at

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