CIR Strong Award ~ April 2017

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Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick


Most of the authors in Clean Indie Reads love to write stories. They do not love to format said stories for e-books or paperbacks, and designing book covers is a whole separate (and often overwhelming) skill set. Enter the lovely Perry who performs wonders in those areas for her fellow indies. “I started out just lurking, getting a feel for the group and soaking up all the new concepts… like indie authors actually putting out AMAZING stuff, building raving fan bases, and experiencing success. When I noticed questions being asked that I could help with, I chimed in. These were usually about things like cover design, formatting, and the ins and outs of actually getting a title through the publication process. From these interactions and sometimes volunteering to help with a cover design need, I’ve ended up getting to work with many CIR authors. It’s such a joy getting to design for people with a taste for clean literature and with such talent!”


Perry and her husband met when they were both eleven years old and they married nine years later. Since then, they’ve had four little boys, so she’s busy raising them even as she writes and pursues her various business and multi-genre writing ventures which include, a group blog on writing and self-publishing, and a handy-dandy product called the WriteMind Planner: “It was born from my own needs as an author to keep ideas organized, wordcounts tracked, and for it all to be in one organized location. It’s really taken off nicely, and I’m so glad my little solution is helping other authors.”

Click here to see a cool DEMO VIDEO of the WriteMind Planner!

Another feather in her cap? “I’m part of the Society of Short Authors (which isn’t a thing but should be!). I’m 5′ 2″.” (I, Lia London, curator of CIR, agree whole-heartedly.)


You can check out Perry’s published works by clicking the picture below.