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Laura VABLaura VanArendonk Baugh


Proving that not all authors are nerdy introverts, Laura VAB (as she often abbreviates it) adds pizzazz to everything she does. She describes herself as “Animal behavior pro, author, cosplayer/costumer, TAGteach instructor, RPGamer, chocolate lover.” Throw in photography and major event planning, and she’s a unique fountain of information and resources for her fellow authors.

Most recently, she took it upon herself to organize Clean Indie Reads’ very first regional mini-conference, coming up in September. (See the sidebar for details and a link if you read this prior to then end of September 2016.)  Her leadership, enthusiasm, and expertise inspire us.

Her writing covers as eclectic a collection of genres as one might expect from a woman with so many talents.  From Japanese mythology to comic mysteries to Bible story adaptations (and many thing in-between), she has undoubtedly written something you’ll enjoy!  Enter her name in the search bar here on the blog to learn about several of those books, or check out her Amazon page for a full listing.

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