CIR Strong Award ~ August 2017

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Bokerah Brumley


Figuring out how to pronounce Bokerah’s name takes longer than seeing what an asset she is to her fellow writers. “Everyone needs the reminder that things get better. Daily steps can eventually lead to the top of a big goal mountain, but everybody gets down in the dumps. Laughing, smiling, and recounting the little wahoo moments–whatever they are–makes the journey easier. It’s easier when we’re all pulling the same direction together, and I love helping that happen.” 


An accomplished author, Bokerah writes mostly science fiction, Christian, and contemporary works under Bokerah Brumley, and edgier, more secular fantasy works under B. Brumley. Many of her short stories also appear in anthologies. Amidst her flurry of writing endeavors, she also manages eReaderObsession, a promotion site, (originally Perry Elizabeth’s brain child). In 2017, she decided to give away a Kindle a month through eReader Obsession and has grown the mailing list to around 4500 “lovely subscribers” with whom she shares many CIR authors’ works.


But wait. There’s more! Blue hair is not the only unexpected thing about this remarkable woman.  Bokerah is also a farmer! “I’m the Mom component of permaculture farming family of seven. Currently, we’re working toward as-close-to-zero-waste system (where all the animal byproducts would be composted and feed a garden, etc). Someday, we’ll be self-sufficient and off-grid, but we’re taking all the little baby steps right now. When we aren’t homeschooling, we’re caring for 45 ducks, 40 chickens, 22 turkeys, 20 dairy goats, 12 quail, 8 meat sheep, 2 peacocks, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 guard geese. We also have a garden. There’s always something in the incubator or in the brooder. I post most about our farm on Instagram. If you’re ever in Cisco, Texas, you’re welcome to come for a farm visit.”


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