CIR Strong Award ~ May 2016

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Author6Deborah Garner

She seems unassuming at first, and then you realize she’s everywhere, quietly helping with incredibly sound advice. Deborah Garner knows what she’s talking about because she has “made it” in ways that few indie authors can claim. Deborah was enthusiastically nominated, seconded, thirded, etc. by members of the CIR admin team to be honored for the way she reaches out and helps her fellow authors.  “When I first entered the world of independent publishing, I knew nothing about how it worked. But I listened to others and picked up every tidbit of information I could. Some ideas worked, some didn’t. But I came to see the Indie world as the open world of potential that it is. I still listen, every day. I try new things and continue to gain knowledge. There’s always something new to discover, some little tweak or trial that will help. I’m thrilled to be able to pass along what I’ve learned over the years. And thankful for the continued learning opportunities I receive from CIR daily.” 

Before diving into writing fiction, Deborah used to sling a camera over her shoulder and go out to “capture” the world with travel writing. She also loves to work with animal rescue, focusing on senior dogs especially.  Though she is one of the lucky author whose books pay the bills, she forgot to quit her day job because she loves it so much! “Four days each week I work as the head concierge at a gorgeous, historic hotel. The job comes with amazing perks and, even more important, gets me out of the house and socializing with people, something I would rarely do on my own. It is a blessed life and I’m grateful.”

And we’re just grateful to have her in our midst. Please take a look at Deborah’s best-selling cozy mysteries by clicking on the banners below or visiting!

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