CIR Strong Award ~ December 2016

091213-calendar-074Ines Bautista-Yao


JoyInsideOutYou know the character Joy from Inside Out? The one that just exudes happiness and optimism? She was probably patterned after Ines. Playful, positive, and very down-to-earth, this acclaimed author from the Philippines (see video of her on CNN talking about a non-CIR book!) is a delight to have around. She is humbly unaware of what an impact her positivism has on others, but her moral support, “virtual hugs”, and mastery of the emoji lexicon have lifted many of our authors when they were having bad days. Ines is also a devoted and highly capable beta reader and reviewer, sharing excellent suggestions on how to fine-tune character development and plot lines. She is able to guide fellow authors with enthusiasm and grace.

” I love CIR because when I first started out in indie publishing, I was going in blind — but when I met all the wonderful, helpful people at CIR, it felt as if a warm, friendly kid asked me to sit with them at lunch while I was standing in the cafeteria, looking around, wondering where to put down my lunch tray. And this is why I love going to CIR. This is why it’s one of my happy places.”

Ines has a unique style in her contemporary romances. Not only are they full of the delicious flavor of the Philippines, her books have a wonderfully comfortable yet whimsical feeling, full of people you feel like you’ve known for years and yet are just discovering anew. After a full-time career as a high school English teacher, she now enjoys the stay-at-home-mom routine with her two daughters and all their very pink toys. She’ll try any flavor of ice cream, but loves vanilla best. “I could eat Japanese food every day. Or cake.” She is a dedicated daydreamer and brings a little of that magic into all of her CIR interactions.

Be sure to check out her fun author blog here, and click on the pictures below to learn more about these sweet romance novels and many more!





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