CIR Strong Award ~ February 2017

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Tara Ellis


As I scanned the CIR Facebook group thread to see who had been most actively contributing recently, I saw Tara’s shining face all over the place. I mentioned this to the admin team and was told she had just finished helping someone reformat their book–again! (This can be a monster task.) That sealed the deal, and we’re delighted to honor Tara Ellis, Amazon best-selling author of young adult and middle grade fiction.

Tara spent many years as a volunteer firefighter and EMT while also working in the medical profession. Injury and illness (MS) nudged her into writing full-time, in part because it was less physically taxing. Her heart for helping others continues, though, and in CIR, she has found a home.

“Like most indie authors, I struggled to find on-line groups of like-minded people to share and learn.The CIR family (as I’ve come to think of them) is a rare gem of upstanding, dedicated authors who really do care about each other. I’ve tried to return that over the months in the only way I know how, which is through sharing in both my successes and failures. I want others to learn from my mistakes, so they don’t have to make them.” 

In addition to sharing what does and doesn’t work, Tara regularly helps fellow authors figure out book formatting glitches and gives step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the various sites designed for independent publishing, some of which can be very confusing. Although Tara’s learning curve progressed rapidly, she remembers what it was like to face each new step for the first time.  “It can seem like an overwhelming task. I can’t even name the number of times that I have gone to CIR (and still do), asking for help on how to do accomplish something I’ve encountered for the first time. The answers are often immediate and have saved me countless hours (and hair). I love to have the opportunity to return this favor!”

Tara now resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in a small, rural town. From there she works her fiction magic even as she struggles with MS-induced memory issues. “A funny tidbit is that while writing my YA trilogy, I had to keep extensive notes, and go back and re-read what I wrote the day before or else I’d forget. I STILL forget my own characters names. One positive aspect is that if I wait long enough and then read one of my own books, it’s as if I’m reading someone else’s for the first time!”


Tara has a gift for keeping a positive outlook amidst personal trials and is a wonderful asset to the Clean Indie Reads community. We love having her around! Be sure to check out Tara’s website and her popular book series on Amazon (just click the pics below).


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  1. Linda Susan Morris

    Tara, this is such an honor !! Your excellent style of writing is an encouragement to others and I am so happy that you have received this recognition. Congratulations !!!


    This is such an honor! CIR has truly been a blessing, in many ways.