CIR Strong Award ~ January 2018

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Marc Read


One of the delights of Clean Indie Reads is that its members come from all around the world. Marc Read hails from the eastern side of “The Pond” (aka Great Britain), and brings his eclectic interests and experiences into play when interacting in our threads. “Most of the time, I tend to lurk in the group,” says Marc. “But I will happily join in when the discussion turns to grammar, etymology, punctuation, or word choice. I’ve also been known to pop up if people have questions about assorted areas such as philosophy, science, or British history and culture.” This is all surprisingly useful in a writerly group like CIR (he gets tagged in obscure question threads because he’s “a braniac”), and it explains why he might author his book, New Stars for Old: Stories from the History of Astronomy. 


Although Marc has written only the one book, and it is more of historical, scientific, narrative nonfiction than a novel, he is most supportive of the independent writing community. Despite having completed a PhD on the history of astronomy, he continues to take classes on a regular basis. Currently, he’s studying theology! When not teaching Physics, Philosophy, or World Religions, or learning from any class that strikes his fancy, he is a tremendously involved parent. “Most of my weekends, though, are taken up with supporting my kids’ activities (my teen daughter is a keen nature photographer, so we go bird watching together; my pre-teen son is a dancer, who has endless classes and shows).”


To learn more about Marc Read and/or the history of famous early astronomers, take a look at his book, available on Amazon.

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  1. Onisha

    Congratulations to Marc! CIR is blessed with so many talented and generous authors.

  2. admin

    Indeed! “Generous” is a great way to say it. Folks are so willing to share their time and talents to help each other. It’s awesome. Yay, Marc!