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We’re always excessively grateful for writers who come to our community with a lot of behind-the-scenes know-how, so Lars Hedbor is a huge blessing to have around.  (Plus, is it just me, or does he look like a certain famous action star from the 80s?) Says, Lars: “I’ve tried to share what I’ve learned in the process of establishing my own indie press, publishing my own novels of the American Revolution, in addition to a handful of other historical and science fiction. I work in the tech sector, so I’m comfortable with the software and formatting side of things, and I read widely on the current state of the publishing industry and best business practices for authors, so I try to share that information when questions arise.” So yes, he knows what he’s doing, and he willingly shares his substantial expertise.

Lars enjoys “the mutually supportive and accepting nature of the CIR group of authors … from a dizzying array of backgrounds.”  When he’s not writing, formatting, selling, or talking about books, he sets the skies ablaze as a licensed pyrotechnician. (I know. So cool. “Bombs bursting in air” while he writes about the Revolutionary War.). But wait, there’s more. He’s raising six daughters, is active in party politics, works on the board of a major regional astronomy event, and hosts, places, and supervises foreign exchange students.

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