CIR Strong Award ~ July 2017

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Valerie Howard

For almost three years, Valerie has been a steady contributor to the strength of Clean Indie Reads. With the same compassion and sensitivity that she uses to write children’s books and contemporary Christian fiction, she reaches out to members of the group who need a little extra help. In her humble style, she speaks of CIR in the same way others do of her. “The members of Clean Indie Reads are some of the nicest, most generous people I’ve ever come to know. Whenever I have a question, concern, or a need, they are always there to assist me with anything I ask for. They rejoice with each other’s successes, no matter how small, and they comfort each other when something goes wrong as well. This is a group of authors that truly builds others up and empowers one another, and I’m so glad to be a part of it!” And there she is helping others design quality covers for whatever donation they can comfortably make, buying and reviewing CIR authors’ books with integrity, promoting her peers, and helping with the always-needed skill of beta reading.


Valerie is a focused and talented writer, but also has many other fun skills at her disposal! Need balloon animals? She can do that! Need a trumpet player? She’s got that covered, too. She can even wiggle her ears to make the children smile. As one of the pioneering members of Clean Indie Reads, she is long overdue to be honored, and we are so glad she has stayed with us for so long! (Hey, she’s a loyal person. She met her husband when she was 10!)


Please peruse her website, join her on Facebook, or see these and other wonderful books on Amazon!


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  1. Beth Komulainen

    Congratulations! I am honored to have known you when you were first starting to write.