CIR Strong Award ~ March 2016

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JoelDCanfield.2015.noirJoel D Canfield

Don’t be alarmed by these eyes looking at you. They aren’t staring; they’re watching out for you. They belong to Joel Canfield, a truly kind and helpful member of Clean Indie Reads. You see, the truth about indie authors is that an alarming number of them are not terribly tech savvy. They work with words and ideas, not computers. And yet, in order to publish a book, they must learn the ins and outs of various programs and applications. This is where Joel comes in: “Many new authors have a hard time finding answers to what they might consider dumb questions. Indie publishing has progressed to the point that the intermediate practitioner can find anything they want and the newbie struggles to find information that’s truly helpful. I enjoy helping them get on the right track quickly with even the most basic questions.” 

In the CIR Facebook group, there are many discussion threads full of questions about how to do everything from building an author website to creating an electronic newsletter to update readers on new releases. Almost every time these topics come around, Joel jumps in with his expertise and willingly walks the newcomers through the processes. He is patient and clear, and often has everyone laughing by the end of the lesson. “When I published my first book just eight years ago some of today’s answers didn’t even exist. If I can help another author spend more time writing and less time fighting technology, everyone wins.” Well, the authors at CIR certainly do!

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Joel is a writer of Noir Mysteries, or as he has often explained, mysteries that may or may not involve a dead body. They feature narrators with dry wit and plots with plenty of suspense and a hint of romance. Please check out his website at or click on the picture here to see his mysteries on Amazon. You can also follow him on Facebook or Twitter. (p.s. His newsletters are really cool. They often include short stories that are not available elsewhere!)

What’s he doing when he’s not writing or helping the folks at CIR? “When I’m not preparing three delicious and nutritious meals a day for my Best Beloved who is busy earning a living, I spend time in my music room downstairs writing folk, rock, and country songs, or outside shoveling 14 inches of snow out of our northern Wisconsin driveway, or if there’s no snow, rowing on the lake behind our house.”