CIR Strong Award ~ November 2016

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liwen-hoLiwen Ho


One of the remarkable things about Clean Indie Reads is that it is full of people who have no idea how much good they do for others just by being themselves. Liwen Ho is one of those people. When we contacted her with the news that we wanted to honor her contributions to the group, she said, “I don’t feel like I’ve done nearly enough to be given this award, and what I have done was done out of gratitude for all the amazing help I’ve received from so many CIR members. I think anyone in our group would agree that this online community is a bottomless well of knowledge and support.” Liwen is a huge part of keeping that culture alive, giving all kinds of valuable advice on book blurbs and covers, and even helping others with their book-related graphics. She willingly shares her beta-reading skills, helping fellow authors polish their craft and reach their target audience. If there’s a conversation thread tackling a tough self-publishing issue, you can bet she’ll be in there with positive and useful comments. Her ability to stay upbeat empowers the rest of us, and we love having her around.

Writing sweet contemporary romances seems to flow perfectly from Liwen’s experiences. Prior to turning stay-at-home-mom / author, she was a marriage and family therapist, so she knows all about her subject matter! She loves the color pink, sushi, going to the beach, and watching chick flicks.

Be sure to check out her website or click on the image below to see her books on Amazon!


3 Responses

  1. Cindy Flores Martinez

    Congratulations, Liwen! I totally agree with everything CIR said about you.

  2. Onisha Ellis

    Congratulations to Liwen. Her helpful spirit seems to flow from her heart.