CIR Strong Award ~ November 2017

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J. Philip Horne


Some folks enter Clean Indie Reads looking like a newbie on paper, and then WHAM!!!! Everyone is blown away by the talent and grateful to learn from someone innately gifted. Such is J. (“Jay”) Philip Horne, author of the thrilling, middle grade superhero series, Guild of Seven. Jay jumped right in to the stream of posts with questions energized the CIR news feed with enthusiasm and great advice. Says he (so modestly): “I try to be a cheerful, encouraging presence by cultivating a genuine concern for the CIR authors. That’s pretty easy, to be honest, because I feel more cheerful the moment I drop in on the site. I’ve also tried to apply my strengths off to the side of writing books to the benefit of the other authors, whether using the Adobe CC to tweak someone’s typography on a cover, or provide data insight that might help someone else think through a market strategy.” Jay loves helping people and participating in “communities where a rising tide lifts all boats … As we all participate, it helps us become better authors and book marketers.”


Jay is a world-traveler, having spent parts of his childhood in Liberia (where he met a venomous, green mamba snake chewing on a frog) and in Micronesia (where he met a shark that thought about chewing on him). To look at him today, you might never guess he was lead guitarist in a college metal band, complete with earrings and long hair. Now his walk on the wild side includes lots of Ethiopian cuisine and raising his kids to be avid readers. (His son has fantastic short book review videos!)


You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit his website by clicking on the author shot at the top of this article. Click on the banner below to see his books on Amazon. (The audio book versions are AMAZING!)

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