CIR Strong Award ~ October 2016

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audreyAudrey Rich


Audrey came highly recommended by her fellow authors in Clean Indie Reads as one who always seems to be on hand with encouragement and motivation. It’s like having a cheerleader who’s always ready. She celebrates with the writers, prays for them in their trials, writes reviews, helps promote, and beta reads whenever she can. When asked why she works so hard for the folks at CIR, she said, “They’re my peers, who I consider my neighbors. In this relatively small writing community we should all strive to help one another because we’re stronger as a group than as individuals. Helping others, through the disappointments, the dreaded hurtful reviews, and the victories—no matter how small—is important. I love hearing that something I wrote lifted one of our member’s spirits when they sounded down or when I provided a suggestion that will help them. There’s nothing better than knowing I’ve helped another human being.” 

Not everyone sets out to be an author, and in Audrey’s case, it happened somewhat by accident. She had been working as a CPA from home and raising her family when a sleepless night at the computer resulted in thirty pages of a YA romance. Three months later, she had completed the work and had to figure out the whole publishing world. She joined the Florida Writers Association and ran the gamut of literary agents and publishers. Though she had several interested in her book, she was afraid her story would be remolded into something more generic, so she decided to go indie. How grateful we are that she did! This month she launches her own publishing house, Rote To Negro and will debut her first published novel, Masquerading Our Love.

“Everyone knows I love romances where there is a guaranteed happily-ever-after but if forced to choose one book, besides the Bible, I think Crime and Punishment would be my favorite classic. I love the color green because it’s the color of money and with money I can help more people. My favorite food is salmon, whether baked, steamed, raw (sashimi), or its eggs (roe).”

masquerading-our-love_kindleYou can learn more about Audrey Rich at her website, and be sure to check out her new release!