CIR Strong Award ~ October 2017

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Julie C. Gilbert


Authors love writing stories. They hate writing the blurbs that explain the stories. Enter Julie C. Gilbert and her wonderful Facebook group designed to provide a safe critiquing setting for those dreaded dust-cover descriptions. With her vast experience (she has written over 30 books!), she has been able to organize clear instruction for the CIR authors and even offer a giveaway free blurb rewrite.


“Mostly, I’m a post lurker,” confesses Julie of her time in CIR. “But I’ll chime in if people have questions I can answer. Sometimes, the new people just need to know we might be crazy but we’re mostly harmless. (A tad obsessed with dragons on the whole, but harmless.) I’m also a sporadic retweeter.” (She’s being very modest. Her comments are frequent and insightful!) CIR’s one of the best (supportive, encouraging, non-drama-y) Facebook groups I’ve ever had the pleasure of joining. We’re all here to learn how to make this author thing work better. I’ve learned a lot this year, and even though there’s a long way to go, being nice costs nothing and pays dividends that sometimes can’t be measured. I’m also a teacher, so asking and answering questions is an occupational hazard.”


Yes, like most CIR authors, Julie has a day job. In her case, she’s a high school chemistry teacher, which is part of why she has kept her content clean. She wants to make sure her students (if they feel so inclined) can read all of her books without embarrassment. (As I typed that, I miscalculated the number of Rs for the 6230th time. Julie understands. She struggled with spelling “spaghetti” and “tomorrow” for a long time.) When not teaching or writing, she may be found with her Star Wars Lego collection and/or drinking Stash peppermint or Teavana Mint Majesty tea. She is a Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew aficionado (over 500 titles read!), and has written many mysteries herself–as well as books in other genres. Check out her website and blog, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Please explore her titles on Amazon by clicking the banner below, which shows only a smattering of her multi-genre library of original works (most pictured are first books in a series).