CIR Strong Award ~ September 2016

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Katy costume closeupKaty Huth Jones


If Katy could jump out of this picture, give you a hug and a pep talk, and buy your latest indie book, she probably would. One of the stated objectives of the CIR Facebook group is that “we offer practical support and needed encouragement … in a variety of ways.” Few people have as many things on their plate, and on top of it all, Katy battles incurable lymphoma. Yet she still finds time to support her fellow CIR authors. One that blows us away is how she has purchased the paperback copies of many fellow authors’ books and reviewed them thoughtfully. Check out her fun bookshelf and the story of how it came about.

Book Dragon books

“I wish I could buy a copy of every paperback, but I do get the ones I especially like, and, having an artistic family, I’m a sucker for beautiful covers. There are some I’ve read on Kindle that I WISH were available in paperback! I do hope eventually to have an entire room full of CIR member books. Recently I realized that a stuffed dragon I made can hold a book in his arm, so he is now the ‘Book Dragon.’  Each Monday on my blog I feature a CIR member’s book or book series which I’ve read and reviewed with 4 or 5 stars.” 

Katy says she’s had her “15 minutes of fame” and now finds it “more fun to share in the excitement of others’ successes and to encourage them to keep writing.” Her change in perspective and outward-looking, uplifting attitude is contagious and wonderful.

When not writing, Katy’s list of accomplishments and activities is alarming: she home schooled for 25 years, coached Little League, taught herself Latin and physics, and formed and directed a Revolutionary War Fife & Drum Corp. “A cancer diagnosis at age 46 taught me the true meaning of carpe diem,” says Katy. “I stopped saying ‘No, thank you,’ to the local symphony conductor and have played piccolo and flute with them since 2005.”

She’s truly an inspiration. When others might have given up and retreated into a corner of defeat, Katy has seized the say and made it better for everyone around her.

Click on the picture below to get to Katy’s Amazon page where you’ll find a wide variety of inspirational fantasy and children’s books.

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