CIR Strong Award ~ September 2017

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RJ Conte


RJ Conte is one of those behind-the-scenes authors who actually buys and reads our books!  Last year she read 60 books (not including beta reads!), 99% of them Clean Indie Reads authors’ novels.  She never gets a book for free if she can help it, but buys many of our books and faithfully leaves reviews.  Her TBR (to-be-read) pile is still huge, and she hopes to get to at least one of everyone’s novels soon, even with a brand new baby in the home.  She feels strongly that authors need to also be readers to broaden their minds, learn from others, and hone their craft.  She loves supporting her friends with actual sales and reviews.


RJ also hosts the Internet’s most popular Myers-Briggs for anime characters page, and frequently has friendly one-on-one character consultations over Facebook PMs and email. She loves to dissect and type characters, and has helped many an author in our group develop their characters to be the best they can be.  RJ prefers to befriend and relate to the authors in the group personally and one-on-one and has subtly infiltrated many of our hearts, befriending so many of our members.  She is an extrovert among introverts and sees this group as one giant party of kindred spirits.


She is a young home school mom of three girls under the age of 6. While writing, RJ also taught piano and voice for the last decade, at one point having as many as 43 students!  Teaching on the side got out her extroversion needs so she could then focus on writing in the evenings.  She really loves Korean drama TV shows, and thinks they’ve heavily influenced her darker/serious issue-driven love stories.  Secretly, she considers herself Korean at heart and blond-haired on the outside.

RJ thinks the best type of cheese is ultra-sharp cheddar. She also thinks Spock is super hot because she’s pretty sure she married the half-Haitian version of him.  (Tall, dark, and handsome, anyone?) Come chat with her on Facebook!