CIR Strong Award ~ June 2016

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CIRMeSteve Mathisen


Oh sure, Steve looks like a guy with a Geography degree who probably sang for two seasons in Seattle Opera Auxiliary Chorus (because he is and he did), but he’s also a tremendously helpful man in the CIR stream, participating in several threads a day and offering honest opinions (which writers need but can’t always find). “As a writer, I have always appreciated it when someone took the time to nudge or help me in the right direction,” says Steve. “I believe that writers can and should learn from each other, and the CIR community makes that easy because the people that populate it are fantastically generous with their time and expertise.” Steve is great at finding high quality articles about the writing and publishing process, which he shares in the CIR news feed regularly.

He also launched his Odd Sock Editing site after doing many helpful beta reads for CIR authors. His particular skill there, as hinted by the name, is finding those “odd sock” details in a story that don’t quite fit, like how sailboat mechanisms work, or what the climate really is like on equatorial mountains. You know, stuff that would distract certain readers if the writer got it wrong.


As the author of The Kid Inside, he loves exploring the Bible from various vantage points. He also writes both a Bible study blog and a story blog–when he isn’t reading, watching detective shows, or Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Marvel movies, or going to the beach with his beloved wife.

The Kid Inside