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In the heart of snow-cursed Trabor, a princess and her guardian live in a haze cast by an ancient spell. On the dawn of her 200th birthday, Princess Calisandra awakes with a clear mind. No longer happy to just sit idle, Cali and Voice set out to find what lies beyond their shielded kingdom.

Joined by Angel—a fiery redhead that delights in ruffling Cali’s feathers—they soon find themselves fleeing from the legendary Captain Kota who is determined to capture Angel. Cali’s perfect vision of her journey is shattered and it takes all of her strength just to keep up in a world she doesn’t understand. Everything is a new experience and tests Cali physically and mentally.

Will she ever find out what happened to her kingdom? And what will Voice’s purpose be when Cali no longer needs her?

“A gripping read with a refreshing voice!”

“Kooistra has crafted a classic coming-of-age story. Her characters are skillfully developed; the plot is a masterfully woven tapestry of events. In a genre that too often becomes cliché, Heart of the Winterland is fantasy of the highest caliber.”

“My favourite character in the novel is Amee. Despite being decidedly evil, she’s very relatable and great fun to read. I also love the diverse cast of characters and locations, from the outspoken barmaid, to the Scottish sea captain (and his cat), and the island castaways.”

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CIR: Who is your favorite character and why?
KOOISTRA: Definitely one of my antagonists, Amee, despite her dark side. She was one of my favorite characters to write and in the process of wanting to make a sympathetic antagonist, I fell for my own trap. I think she’d be the no-nonsense, tell you like it is, friend.

CIR: What would you compare this book to?
KOOISTRA: The Once Upon a Time TV series, because every character has a story that goes beyond the surface. They’re not “good” or “bad” just because. Their past shapes their present.

CIR: Is there more coming?
KOOISTRA: Oh yes! I’m currently working on book 2 which will take two of the characters from Winterland and see more of their story. There’ll be a new country, new races, more magic, more action, and an epic battle!

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