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cowboy babyby Gretchen Lee Rix


Book 1: The Cowboy’s Baby

Baby takes the cake. And the sandwiches. And the hay. What else could the goats do but run off with the toilet paper? 

A modern-day twist on an old romantic fairy tale. Will Sleeping Beauty ever wake up and fix this mess? Impossibly attractive Ellison Stewart says yes, and right now. He needs her to save his golf course. Cassandra Lennon, the beauty in question, sees this young man sleepwalking through life and resolves to save him instead. Will the real Sleeping Beauty please stand up? Definitely not the same old baby. 


“Sleeping Beauty meets Louis Lamour in this light-hearted western romance. Gretchen Lee Rix has drawn a cast of quirky, memorable characters. This is one you shouldn’t miss!”

“This short story is very entertaining. It has a way of leading you in one direction when in reality you should be going in the other. Then you are suddenly exactly where you should be.”

“Ms. Rix takes many of the romance genre stand-bys and turns them on their head.”

Book 2: The Cowboy’s Baby Goes to Heaven

Former diplomat Leona Robin wonders if she made a mistake moving to rural Texas. Her son loves it here, but in a place where it’s normal for a prize bull to have his own pet pig and hay bales are raining from the sky, Leona wonders how she’ll ever fit in. That is, until she’s thrown right into local preacher Ralph Maybeath’s arms. 

Is this love? Maybe, maybe not. Ralph is being coached by a six-year-old orphan called little Leon who is trying to make the three of them into an instant family using fairy tales as his inspiration. Want to bet his youngish, not-even-a-little-bit-dead granny will have a lot to say about this when she finds out?

While little Leon conspires back in Texas, the newlywed owners of the Sleeping Beauty Ranch transport their prize bull, Baby, to greener pastures up north, with Baby misbehaving every step of the way. The ranch owners are also saddled with a rodeo cowboy and a nosy reporter who seem like the perfect match—if they can ever get past last year’s internet scandal involving some naked pictures and a pink port-a-potty.

CIR: Who is your target audience?

RIX: My target audience is the reader who loved the movies While You Were Sleeping, Sleepless In Seattle, and especially Miss Congeniality.

CIR: What do you hope readers will get out of this book?

RIX: I aim to make readers smile, laugh, and enjoy the few hours’ escape a humorous adventure/romance novel can bring. Entertainment, pure and simple.

CIR: What is your main character like?

RIX: It is an ensemble piece following the characters who go on the trail drive (finding love along the way) and the characters who stay home to take care of the ranch (who find love thrust at them from a very unlikely source).

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