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DD&RW - amended bleed for Createspaceby Cee Tee Jackson


Cast off; ripped off; cheesed off. When redundancy strikes for the second time in two years, an ex-bank manager is thrust into the world of the self-employed through a desire to eat and meet his mortgage payments. From the scary to the farcical; the tender to the messy and the cute to the psychopaths – he proves there’s more to dog walking than simply walking dogs.

“The author, relates his transition from former bank manager to ‘pet-care professional’ with raw honesty. How he turned the bleakness of redundancy into a life changing opportunity. From hot tempered hamsters, ferocious felines, distressed dogs to tearful goodbyes, his animal adventures will have you laughing out loud one minute and crying the next.”

“Whether you have a lurcher, a cairn, Siamese or a stick insect called Brian you’ll recognise your own beloved pets in the characters and escapades in this book.”

“As a fellow dog owner the day to day scenarios made me laugh . Can absolutely relate to them and the few sad times too. So well written I feel that I know all the dogs personally.”


CIR: What inspired this book?
JACKSON: I wasn’t actually ‘inspired’ as such to write this book. It just seemed the obvious thing to do, then – write about what I know best, my present job. All the incidents in the book actually happened. Ok – so some have been slightly embellished for comedic effect, but not by much. Honestly.

CIR: Animals are featured prominently in this book. What sorts of characters do they present?
JACKSON: Every one of the animals in the book has their own character. There are no ‘stars’, although Marley, the springer spaniel, has attracted more comment than the others. He’s like an eclectic mix of Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh) and The Grinch.

CIR: What would you compare this book to?
JACKSON: I’m from West of Scotland, and we, as a people, are not very good at self promotion. Rather than talk ourselves up, we tend to be more self-deprecating. It’s safer that way. But if pushed, I’d proudly concede to receiving comments comparing the style and content to that of James Herriot, author of the All Creatures Great and Small series of books.

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