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dragonby Vered Ehsani

Book 1: Dragon’s Mind

Ten years ago, a human brain was created and installed into the control centre of a city. To most people, it is a non-living entity operating in the background of their lives. Only a girl named Myth knows better: the brain’s name is Dragon and he is very much alive. And after ten bodiless years, Dragon has a dream that will change everything and will put his mind and Myth’s life in mortal danger. There are powerful forces that don’t want the truth revealed and they’re coming for Dragon. But where do you run to when you’re already everywhere?

“… a fast paced, exciting rescue mission, a cast of interesting characters, high tech goodies and humorous banter makes this book fun and fast reading.”

“This book’s content was immediately engaging and sucked me in. The dialogue was snappy, sharp, and was just awesome to jump into. The relationship between Dragon and Myth induces laughter but is also deep.”

“This book was really different from anything else I’ve read. Never have I read about a book where a human brain was a main character.  There was no denying the originality.”

Book 2: Dragon’s War

How do you stop a war you started? And should you, if humanity’s safety and wellbeing depend on winning at all costs? These are the thoughts that plague Myth as she paces the fortress where she is a prisoner. Meanwhile, Dragon is in hiding, hunted by the albino assassin and the city’s very systems that he once ran. As his backup reserves are depleted and the clock ticks down to the launch of a global virus, Myth must escape to save Dragon and together stop the war that they launched. But time is running out and the albino is watching.

CIR: What gave you the idea to write a book with such an unusual premise?

EHSANI: I have a macabre fascination with bodiless beings (ghosts usually, but in this case, a bodiless brain). In addition, the series revolves around the question, “what makes us human?” which is one I love to puzzle over. The SciFi aspect allowed me to take that question a little further: if you don’t have a body, are you still human?

CIR:  Tell us about the main characters, including this bodiless brain.

EHSANI:  Dragon, who is a human brain plugged into a computer system. He’s complex, a noble being with a less than noble background. As his memory starts to return, he learns things he would rather not know about himself, but at the same time, his concern for Myth doesn’t let him wallow in self-pity.  Myth is a smart, young lady with a sharp sense of humour. As one reviewer put it, she’s “snarky on the outside but a big marshmallow on the inside.” Myth is a very loyal type when it comes to those close to her. But get in her bad books and watch out!

CIR: Would you say it’s the characters that make this book unique?

EHSANI:  The characters have a lot of depth, even though the storyline itself is fast-paced and full of adventure and humour. In addition, the technologies that play an important role in the story actually do exist (the holographs) or are in the research stage (the organic computer system).

CIR: Reviewers found your book very original.  Can you think of anything that compares?

EHSANI: If you liked the book / movie I, Robot, you’ll probably like this series!

CIR: Is there a target age group for the series?

EHSANI: This falls under the Young Adult label, which can mean anything from Middle Grade to Middle Aged, depending if you like that type of book.

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