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MargaretSharp-LoveDenied-EBookCover-FINALby Margaret Lynette Sharp


Book 1: Love Denied


At thirty-one, Elizabeth, a music teacher fulfilled by her craft and dedicated to her students, is still single and living at home. Unexpectedly, the father of one of her students seems to want to court her. Edward, a well-heeled solicitor still recovering from the tragic death of his young wife, invites Elizabeth to dinner at his home – a home complete with a magnificent piano that he invites her to play.

Out of the blue, Elizabeth receives a letter from her former admirer, Tom – a sheep-farmer, living in Scotland. Will the contents of this letter change Elizabeth’s destiny? What startling secrets will it reveal that may upend Elizabeth’s entire view of her life?

“This is a well-crafted, nostalgic romance novel evocative of a bygone era, and written with the formal mannerisms of a Jane Austen who had lived in 1955 in Sydney, Australia, but with a pace and an irresistible narrative pull that makes you want to turn the page.”

“This could make another great romantic movie.”

“The characters are real enough to be family members.”

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Book 2: Love Restored


Four years have passed since Elizabeth left Australia’s shores, to live on a Scottish sheep farm run by her husband, Tom. As newlyweds, they faced a period of adjustment, but their love for each other kept them close. When Elizabeth’s father sustains life-threatening injuries, her sense of care and duty compels her to return to the land of her birth, leaving Tom behind to hold the fort. What unexpected complications will fate thrust into her life? How skilfully will she play her hand? Will Edward, her wealthy, former admirer, succeed as he tries to woo her away from her husband, to be with him and his daughter in their magnificent home?


“This is a compelling and engrossing sequel to ‘Love Denied’ – exploring new dimensions of Elizabeth’s character, and of the personalities of her family and friends.”




CIR: What did you enjoy most about writing this?

SHARP: Lately I’ve become quite fascinated by the 1950’s, and I’m finding it to be an era that is well suited to my style of writing.

CIR: Who is your favorite character and why?

SHARP: The heroine, Elizabeth – she is talented, kind and sweet-natured.
CIR: Did this require any research, and what kind?

SHARP: I needed to check a few points about life in Sydney at the time, and as usual, my husband Ron was eager to help.