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Encore 2by Margaret Lynette Sharp


With her Mum and Dad overseas, sixteen year old Annie is left in the care of her happily married sister, Sarah. Alarm bells ring in Sarah’s head when she learns of the teenager’s infatuation with seasonal worker Keiran, whose good looks, charm and maturity ensure he is never short of attention. How will Annie cope with Keiran’s abandonment?

This and twenty-four other intriguing tales await readers of ‘Encore’, authored by award-winning short story writer Margaret Lynette Sharp.

“This book provides twenty-five stories full of that magic. In some cases, it will make you wonder if the gods are pushing us in one direction or another. Is it fortune, perhaps? There are also the lovely morsels that make for a wonderful reading experience.”

“Elegantly-crafted collection.”

“These light, easy to read, snack-sized stories cover so many different viewpoints, situations, characters and outcomes, a testament to her talent that they all came out of one authors mind.”

CIR: How would you describe this collection of short stories?

SHARP: Unique? Charming? To date, those who have read and reviewed it have uniformly praised this work. It’s a collection of twenty-five tales, all different, all significant. There are tales of love, both young and mature, and relationships such as father, son, and grandfather. These little snippets of Australian life feature characters as diverse as they are engaging. Some say that this is the best of my six collections of Australian Short Stories and vignettes. No one can deny that by the time this one came into being, I’d had plenty of practice… By the time this one was finished, I’d chalked up over one hundred and fifty short stories and vignettes in less than three years.

CIR: What was your writing process like?

SHARP: I wrote this, my seventh title, over many months, generally completing each story at one sitting. An idea would pop into my head under a variety of circumstances- at the kitchen sink, out on a walk, in the garden- and I’d jot it down. The rest just flowed when I sat down at the computer.

CIR: What do you hope readers will take away from this collection?

SHARP: I hope readers will find this book to be entertaining yet enlightening and thought-provoking.