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englishby June Kearns

Texas 1867. After a stagecoach wreck, buttoned-up Victorian spinster, Annie Haddon finds herself thrown into the company of cowboy maverick, Colt McCall – a man who relies on animal instinct for survival, and lives by his own rules.

Can two people from such wildly different backgrounds learn to trust each other?

Annie and McCall find out on their journey across the haunting, mystical landscape of the American West.

“I’m so glad I read this one. I was hooked right away.”

“Captivating, charming, so well researched– all this and more can be said about this Jane Austin type romance wrapped up in a heart tugging story written so eloquently that each scene, character and landscape allows the reader to see it as if it were painting.”

“I really enjoyed this rollicking western romance set in 1860s. Smart, slick, well-paced and well-written, it doesn’t miss a beat in setting the scene, building tension and getting the romantic sparks flying!”

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CIR:  What inspired this novel about two cultures coming together in a romance?

KEARNS:  Well firstly, far too many hours in darkened cinemas, watching cowboy heroes bring order west of the Pecos! Then, having been brought up in tidy England with its neat fields and hedges, I was fascinated by the effect that vast blue bowl of Western sky and endless land stretching to the horizon would have had on Victorian travellers.

CIR:  What’s your lead character like?

KEARNS:  My heroine, Annie is small and plain, but interesting. Having been brought up by maiden aunts in mustn’t take off your hat, mustn’t take off your gloves, mustn’t get hot or perspire Victorian society – the 1860’s American West is a revelation.

CIR:  It sounds like she gets a lot out of her move.  What will the readers get?

KEARNS:  I believe that passionate relationships must involve great conversations, arguments and humour, not just beauty. I hope that will strike a chord with my readers.

CIR:  Are your readers mostly Englishwomen or cowboys?

KEARNS:  Oh, I’d guess dyed-in-the-wool romantics!