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coverby Lia London

Terrence steadied himself.  “Weeks and weeks of invisible burglars in your home taking nothing, but frightening the cat at meal times?”

“Precisely.  Can you help me, Inspector?  The Chief Superintendent said you were his very best man for this sort of thing.”

Why does the Chief Super hate me? wondered Terrence.

Animals going mad, items going missing and then showing up in bizarre places, stolen jewels…and attempted murder?  The plot thickens even as the chaos and comedy boil over.


“Outrageous in every way, this mystery is in the style of classic British humor – – – tongue in cheek. The characters are interesting, not the garden variety.” 


“The Fargenstropple Case is a wickedly funny mystery… The book is laugh out loud funny, the humor over-the-top and a bit absurd but in a good way.”


“London never misses with her timing. Put it all together and you have the kind of book that will make you grin from beginning to end.”

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CIR: What would you compare The Fargenstropple Case to?

LONDON:  Not anything serious.  It’s what Monty Python would have done to one of Agatha Christie’s stories.  This is farce, not Sherlock Holmes.  If you’re looking for a deep, difficult, mysterious plot, read Dan Brown.  If you want to giggle your way through some curious adventures, pick this one.

CIR: What do people enjoy most about the book?

LONDON:  The dialogue.  Years of script writing came into play, and much of the story is told through characters bantering.  Readers have told me they laugh out loud at the things the people say.

CIR:  Who are the main characters, and what are they like?

LONDON:  Terrence Morgan has recently been promoted to Chief Inspector.  He’s competent in all things detectivey, but bumbles a bit around women.  Jessica Hadley-Merrill is an enigmatic debutante.  Is she  playing him for a fool, or is she his best ally?  Millicent Fargenstropple is a moose of a woman who whimpers over trifles, but without her, none of the laughter could commence.

CIR:  What makes this story unique?

LONDON:  This book started as an experiment to see if I could write a story as the plot was dictated by my readers.  We wrote it together (well, they bossed me very well) a chapter at a time, a week at a time. Then I went back and polished it all up.

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  1. vicky kaseorg

    This book was a delight beginning to end. Great characters, great names, great action and fun. Filled with humor and clever twists. Loved it.