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Gifted 3ebook coverby JoMarie DeGioia

In 2050, the Cataclysmic Wars erupted, triggering natural disasters. Tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes. The country once known as England was changed forever. Some survivors developed physical and mental gifts in the century since. The king uses “gifted” children for entertainment, and some die from the strain.

Kelwin, gifted with second sight, is drawn to Alyssa, and feels no pain when he touches her. Alyssa senses a connection to him too, and the gift she denies. As they grow closer, so does danger. Her guardian wants to control her even as she and Kelwin work together to keep their families safe.

Or is there a bigger threat?

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CIR: What gave you the idea for this book?

DeGIOIA: I originally wanted to write it as an Historical Young Adult story, but after reading a few pages in my writers’ group, a friend suggested I try making it Dystopian. That’s all it took for the idea to take root and blossom. It has a Medieval feel to it, very earthy and almost primitive, with touches of the past (or the future) seen in relics like an iPod and laptop not to mention electric lights!

CIR: What do you hope your readers will get out of this book?

DeGIOIA: I hope to excite them, and scare them, and make them feel for the story people I’ve created. I want to take them to another place and time, and take them on a terrific ride!

CIR: What is the main character like?

DeGIOIA: Kelwin has the gift of second sight, but for him it’s a curse. Physical contact is painful, and he keeps his family at a distance. He’s loyal and earnest and wants to keep his family safe. The other main character, Alyssa, doesn’t know it but she has the gift of telekinesis. Her father died and she and her brother have a new guardian who senses her gift and wants to control her. Neither of them know about the Pageants, but that ignorance won’t last very long!

CIR: What makes your book unique?

DeGIOIA: The stakes are high for the characters, like most darker Young Adult stories, but a society ruled by a king and built on the foundations of ancient buildings gives it a unique setting that impacts the characters’ lives as well. The paranormal elements, both mental and physical, make this story stand out as well. And I believe readers will identify with the characters and root for them, and be completely creeped out by the villain!

CIR: Is there more coming?

DeGIOIA: Yes! This is the first in my YA Trilogy, and I hope to have more information soon!

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  1. Laura DeBruce

    The Gifted Trilogy looks intriguing. Thanks for the Q&A with the author.