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HouseDivided-FINALThere is a law irrevocably decreed in the state of Alabama that you must choose a team. You’re either an Auburn fan or an Alabama Fan. There is no fence-sitting or waffling. It’s one or the other. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t fall in love with someone from the opposing side. They even have a name for it … House Divided.

Ellie Eaton and Brady Jackson were just such a couple…

“Having grown up in Alabama where the line between Auburn fans and Alabama fans is clearly drawn, I enjoyed the creative and romantic spin Jennifer Peel took with this novel. More than just football divided these two lovebirds, and I couldn’t put the book down, anxious to find out if love really conquers all.”


Author note: I have lived in Alabama since 2006 and I just love the culture and southern charm of it all. I’m also fascinated with the Alabama – Auburn rivalry and how seriously people take their football down here. The term ‘House Divided’ is used quite frequently down here and I thought it was a great play on words, so I took it and ran with it.