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knowing jack 2by Julie Elizabeth Powell


Jack saw what the driver was trying to do. So did the others.
Rosie continued screaming, while his father scooted across to the passenger door to open it and shouted, “Get out, Jack, Rosie move!”
It was too late.
“No, wait!” yelled his father, quickly shifting into the driver’s seat, clicking the belt into place. “Hold on!”
Jack pushed Rosie back; pulling the seatbelt around her and slamming the buckle end into the slot, and then did the same with his own as the car teetered.
This was it…they were going to die!


“Worth every minute you spend on it!”


“Fantastic thriller, for readers of all ages. Fast-paced, full of tension and suspense. A perfect read!”


“I really loved Jack. His character is well developed and I easily connected with him.”


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CIR: What inspired this book?

POWELL: My son, who has incredible intuition, so I couldn’t resist taking the idea further…

CIR: What makes this book a great choice for the holiday season?

POWELL: The story takes place in the Lake District, a beautiful nature reserve in the north of England, which I have visited many times in my childhood. It is a magical place, especially when it snows…and Christmas is the perfect time. This mystery adventure is around Christmas when Jack and his family travel to a glorious cabin high in the hills…but nothing is as it seems. Jack knows they should go, but…

CIR: What would you compare this book to?

POWELL: It is difficult to say. Think, mystery, adventure, snow, Christmas, ghosts, ‘baddies’, lost, secrets, spooky, forests, hills, rocks, magic, ‘knowing’…

CIR: What is the main character like?

POWELL: Jack is 12 years old and ‘knows’ things. He’s brave, clever and hates his cousin, Rosie. His relationship with his cousin is quite central to the story.

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