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lost_witnessby Marla Bradeen


Take one overbearing mother, one adulterous father’s departed ghost, an unexplained tube of cherry ChapStick, and what do you get? A three-year-old question of who witnessed a man’s fatal car crash. 

Betsy Holmes attempts to solve this haunting mystery while struggling to maintain some semblance of control within her difficult family. When not bickering with her mother, parenting two rebellious teenage daughters, or suffering through visits from an uninvited ex-husband, Betsy’s digging into her late father’s sordid past. 

“Very current and fun. Bradeen inserts an understated humor into her sentences and many made me smile. She packs her prose like a well-organized purse, and, unlike Betsy’s currently dark and crazy life, it is polished to an elegant shine.”

“This family puts the “fun” in dysfunctional. The interactions between family members are very realistic and some of the most hilarious parts of the book.”

“I found the mystery intriguing enough, plenty of suspects, red herrings and assumptions made (with the errors from assuming abounding). A suitable twist at the end, with the author not taking the easy, everyone’s a hero route.”

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CIR: Who is your target audience? 

BRADEEN: I suspect the novel will appeal most to women in the eighteen-to-fifty demographic, although I hope individuals who fall outside that category also find it enjoyable.

CIR: Is there any content that some readers might find questionable despite the overall “clean” feel of the book? 

BRADEEN: I would give Lost Witness a PG-13 rating as it includes some sexual themes and adultery is central to the plot.  Also, one of the characters is transgender/homosexual.

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