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mantequeroby Jenny Twist


Book 1: Mantequero

Nobody had ever wanted to kiss June until she met her holiday romance. Ignacio wanted to kiss her all the time.  But was it just kisses he wanted? Or did he have a more sinister purpose? Soon June begins to lose weight. A lot of weight! Could Ignacio be . . .  The Mantequero!

“Once again Jenny has used her knowledge of Spanish folklore and her insight into the human heart to give us a story that has pathos, mystery and a delightful touch of macabre humor.”

“I wanted more.”

“I love the way reading this story makes me feel. I will reread this again and again, too, the mark of a great story. Buy it NOW–its a true gem! A+”

Book 2: Disappeared

Miss Blacker has disappeared. She never came back after the Christmas holidays and Alison is convinced something dreadful has happened to her. 
When nobody believes her she sets off to Spain to track down the woman whom she believes to be the best teacher in the world. 
It wouldn’t have been so bad if her companion, Heather Jones, hadn’t been quite so fat. The mantequero likes fat girls. He likes them a lot. 
In Spain they have a different kind of vampire.

“A real Spanish legend given new life and panache by Twist.”

“I loved the ending of this book because it held a special surprise. I for one truly hope there will be future installments in this series because I just love it!”

“Shades of the Twilight Zone, Fright Night, and Frankenstein, a chilling mystery…”

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CIR: What inspired this series?

TWIST: I read about the mantequero in one of Gerald Brennans’s books. A friend of his was mistaken for one and very nearly murdered by superstitious peasants. This was in the 20th century!!  After I published Mantequero lots of readers begged for more. At first I couldn’t see how I could write a sequel, since I had written myself into a corner with the first story. Then a dear friend suggested a possible way out and I was inspired to do it.

CIR: What was your writing process like?

TWIST: It took a long time. I had intended Disappeared to be a short story like the first book but it grew into a novella. One of the great things about indie publishing is you can allow a story to do that as you are not bound by word limits. But it did mean I issued it a month later than the deadline I had set myself

CIR: What do you hope your readers will get out of this book?

TWIST: I’m hoping to scare them without disgusting them. More Stephen King than Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

CIR: What makes Mantequero unique?

TWIST: I have never come across anything quite like the mantequero anywhere else. He is, I suppose, a kind of vampire but we never find out whether he is a living person or ‘undead’.  These stories are, as far as I know, the only literary treatment of a rather obscure Spanish myth. I have always been fascinated by myth and this story of a fat-eating, vampire-like creature really got me.

CIR: Is there more coming?

TWIST: I think so. This time I left the door open. It’s quite obvious, I think, at the end that there is a possibility of a further book. This one is going to be suitable for young adults at the special request of a schoolteacher friend who has a lot of Mexican students who were delighted and intrigued by the first book, as it was about their own culture. 
I have the idea and it’s already developing in my mind.

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