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metatronby Laurence St. John

Twelve-year-old Tyler Thompson has a secret: he’s not a “normal” boy. After his father’s tragic death, Tyler finds himself in one predicament after another, until one day he and his faithful dog Maxx fall into a cesspool of mysterious green goop. 

When his grandfather bestows him with an object not from this earth, Tyler soon discovers he has strange powers. Unfortunately, so does the sinister Dr. Payne. 

Together with his best friend Lukas, who also has a special ability, and Maxx, Tyler embarks on a journey to put an end to Dr. Payne’s evil scheme to control the world’s children. To do so, Tyler must make a life-altering choice—one that could change the world.

You think angels don’t exist? Think again!

“People of all ages will enjoy it! Boys and girls will find it fun, exciting and inspiring!”

“A great book for every boy who dreams of adventure.”

“A great, involved story! My boys are 12 and 7 and really enjoyed the story…with the exception that it was over too fast! We are eagerly awaiting another installment of Metatron to see what is in store for Tyler, Maxx and the rest of the crew!”


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CIR: What gave you the idea for a superhero book?

St. JOHN: It’s been in my head for many years but finally I was inspired by my granddaughter Kendall to write it.

CIR: What would you compare this book to?

St. JOHN: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson Series,  Marvel Movies.

CIR: What do you hope your readers will get out of this book?

St. JOHN: To be inspired.

CIR: What makes your book unique?

St. JOHN: A totally new superhero with a never-heard-of

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