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michaelaby Margaret Lynette Sharp

Michaela is a gifted music student. When her longed-for, overseas scholarship finally materialises, it brings with it a gut-wrenching separation from her close friend, Thomas. Away in London, she realises the depth of their feelings. Ill health brings her back home, but for an agonizingly brief time. What will happen on her return to London and her music?

“A quick, easy read with depth and intrigue.”

“Very enjoyable light reading.”

“This novella is good art…and deserves to be valued.”

CIR: What do you hope your readers will get out of this book?

SHARP: I hope that readers will find the stories to be both uplifting and engaging. The main story, the novella ‘Michaela Betrayed’, is told through the eyes of a very likeable young lady and thereby captures the reader’s heart.

CIR: Tell us about Michaela.

SHARP: She is an intelligent, hard-working music student, the type of girl that would easily find a place in one’s heart. Her struggles to make sense of life’s vicissitudes further mould her character as the story unfolds.

CIR: Is she like anyone you know?

SHARP: Like Michaela, I love music, and play the piano. I also have a strong sense of loyalty. On the other hand, some of her actions and decisions do not sit easily on my psyche. For one, I am terrified of flying!

CIR: What themes do you address in this book?

SHARP: Key themes include loyalty to loved ones, and the necessity to adapt to changes in circumstances.