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by  Michelle Isenhoff

songBook 1: Song of the Mountain

Mud and mire shall birth a tree,

A sprout shall grow of ancient seed.

The five unite to break the one,

The curse of man shall be undone.

But brothers rise ere dragon’s bane.

The last shall smite the first again.

Orphaned at a young age, Song Wei has grown up listening to his grandfather recite legends of the distant past.  But it is his own history that Song seeks to uncover, particularly the events surrounding his parents’ deaths.  That is a secret closely guarded by his grandfather.  Then Song discovers an heirloom that links him to an ancient prophecy.  His destiny lies within the old tales he has scorned.  Song must follow the path that killed his father.

“An epic tale that is akin to a new fable. Just such an incredible story I wish I could rate it more than 5 stars.”


“I’m leaving this review to simply say thank you to the author –thank you for creating such a beautiful story. Masterfully written with vivid imagery. LOVE this story.”

“I can’t seem to leave a review that justifies the work. The elegance in this authors writing makes an unbelievably entertaining read and the story just draws you in with the imagery and depth of characters. I shared the story with a friend who thought it was one of those best sellers off the amazon list.”

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Book 2: Fire on the Mountain

What really happened on the mountain twelve years ago?

Though his apprenticeship hangs on him like an ill-fitting garment, Quon is unprepared for the twist his life takes when his parents are killed and he is forced to flee the city. Adrift in the wilderness with no purpose and no protection, Quon is approached by an old man who hints that his destiny may be more than he imagined. Ancient tales fill Quon’s head with expectations of glory, but he soon learns that being a hero is far different than dreaming of becoming one.

“The artistry of the language in this series is absolutely beautiful, and there is never a feeling of, “Oh, this old story recycled” because it’s fresh and intriguing. So easy to give this one 5 stars (6, 7, 8!!). Buy it, read it, and love it! (You can thank me later.)”

“Isenhoff is a master of pace. She pulls you alongside for a storytelling journey that builds, and builds, and keeps building at a methodical pace until you find yourself charging to the end.”

“This is an excellent book with a wonderful voice. It takes you back into a mythical world reminiscent of ancient China.”

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CIR:  How did this book come about?

ISENHOFF:  I began writing this book while I trained for a 25K run.  I had hours every week to think. The concept started with a box.  A small family heirloom, beautiful and significant.  Then the image of a young Oriental boy popped into my mind.  I gave him an extraordinary grandfather, a bit of mystery, some ancient legends, and a bit of magic.  Voila!  Song was born.

CIR:  What are readers loving most about Song?

ISENHOFF:  The legends.  I created a whole mythology for this one.  All the ancient stories tie together in a neat package at the end with my young hero sitting right in the middle of them.  I’ve especially gotten compliments on the prophecy poem.  Some have said it reminds them of the rhyme at the beginning of Lord of the Rings.  As LOTR is my absolute favorite story, I won’t argue with that comparison at all!

CIR:  What do you hope your readers will get out of this book?

ISENHOFF:  Song is all about family and roots.  If kids can close the back cover understanding the importance of their personal history, I’ve done my job.  And if they learn any lessons from Song about selflessness, friendship, loyalty, inner strength, or forgiveness, I’ll consider it a bonus.

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