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1 moreby K. M. Weiland

In the waning days of the American Civil War, three Confederate cavalrymen and their wounded sergeant are forced to take refuge in a widow’s shack. One more battle looms on the horizon—one more battle none of them want to fight—and they must each make a decision that will influence the rest of their lives: to run or to fight?

“Weiland is a skilled writer. She massages all our senses so that we are there with the four soldiers, sharing their physical misery and their mental torment.”


“One More Ride in the Rain moves along like a runaway train, never stopping or even slowing down enough for the reader to jump off (or even want to for that matter).”

“At only seven thousand words One More Ride in the Rain was a relatively short read; the questions it’s raises, however, will stick with me long after I put it down.”

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CIR:  How do you go about writing your stories?

WEILAND:  Although every book is a unique adventure, my writing process remains pretty much the same from book to book.  After an idea has time to really brew in my head (often for several years), I’ll sit down and write an in-depth outline.  Then, once I know the gist of the story, I’ll settle in for necessary research, which usually takes at least three months.  The first draft generally takes me about a year.  Editing is where the journey really begins.  Most of my stories are in various stages of editing for several years.

CIR:  Are there common themes in your books?

WEILAND:  Guilt and redemption are themes I keep returning to again and again in all my stories.

CIR: And how do you hope that will impact your readers?

WEILAND:  Above all, I want to give readers two things: an entertaining, emotional ride, and something to think about long after they’ve closed the back cover.


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