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by Faith Blum


Titus Hines has always taken care of others, first by protecting his brother and sister from the men his mother entertained. Even more so after her death, when the townspeople refused to help the orphans of a town prostitute. He’s learned that no one will help, no one cares–if he wants to survive, he’ll have to rely on his own strength.

Then a stranger shows him the kindness. Between her kindness and the lecture she gives the Christian Leaders, Titus’s life takes an unexpected turn for the better. With help and provision from the local believers things should be easier, his burdens are lifted. So why does it feel like life is spinning out of control?

Can Titus learn that while man may fail him there is One who will never fail? Can he learn to allow God to be the Shepherd of his life and lead him? Or will life continue to push him every which way?


“A very uplifting story, with true Christian values and life lessons brought to life by a lovable strong young boy.”


“I felt that anybody could relate to these characters because we are all human and just want to live our best life possible. I would recommend this book to everybody who wants a loving, heart warming but honest type of story.”


“I have enjoyed several of Blum’s books, but I have to say, I liked this one the best. It was an excellent story line and well written. Not a silly novel with some references to make it Christian, a story of the transforming power of our Lord.”


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CIR: What inspired this new series?

BLUM: In my previous two series were some orphans, so I decided to write a series about them.

CIR: Who is your favorite character and why?

BLUM: Right now, my favorite character is Titus. He’s so sweet and and tries so hard to provide for his sister and brother. Plus it was really fun to write about him.

CIR: What other books, movies or shows might you compare to this story?

BLUM: One of my beta-readers compared it to the Laura Ingalls Wilder stories.

CIR: What themes do you address in this story?

BLUM: Provision and the leading of God.

CIR: Since this is a new series, when can we expect more?

BLUM: There are three more books in the series coming: All the Way, He Hideth My Soul, and He Leadeth Me.


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