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perf5.500x8.500.inddby Brian Thompson


Book 1: Reject High


After his latest fight, Jason Champion is sent to a rundown alternative school, nicknamed “Reject High.” Fine by him, except a girl named Cherish died there under strange circumstances. At first glance, it’s a suicide. But the girl’s best friend, a Goth with an attitude named Rhapsody, suspects something different at work. . .

One day during detention, Rhapsody shows Jason a crystal that turns her invisible. He tries one on and he jumps over a city. Their classmates, Sasha and Selby, see Jason and Rhapsody in action and receive crystals of their own. They keep a low profile until Jason discovers they are being studied by people they trust. With eleven days until Reject High is destroyed, Jason and his friends must dodge their pursuers, solve the mystery of Cherish’s death, and save their power source from falling into the wrong hands.

“Reject High is a solid example of what’s so awesome about the urban fantasy genre. Author Brian Thompson blends real life teen issues that feel familiar with bizarre mystical substances and crazy, convoluted conspiracies. Throughout the book, plot twists come as quickly as popularity shifts and mood swings at any high school.”

“Reading this story I couldn’t help but feel that this might be a positive way for a parent to help a teen struggling with their own unique set of challenges and skills. Hats off to the author for a good story that could be a good way to start a conversation with your kids.”

“The author, Brian Thompson, has created characters that teens can identify with and love as misfits. His imagination moves rapidly with action galore and brings us along for the ride.”

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Sophmore Freak_300dpi (1)Book 2: Sophomore Freak

The school year ending with Reject High’s destruction was enough for Jason Champion. Summer break meant lots of time to split between his girlfriend Sasha and best friend Rhapsody. That is until predictions of a solar storm arrive, one unlike the earth has ever seen. Sasha tells Jason the sun’s rays may affect his invulnerability and strength, while a mysterious new enemy is possessed with the belief that whoever absorbs the radiation will become immortal. With no other options and their enemies drawing closer to their goal, Jason and his friends join forces with the “Collective,” a group that has guarded the origin of their power for a century. Its members think the storm will cause an explosion killing millions – a price none of them are willing to pay.

“Lest we forget the turmoil of youth, there is enough insecurity and jumbled feelings that even super powers can’t erase. Throw a maniacal villain into the mix, a collection of characters, none of whom seem entirely trustworthy, and a potential catastrophic event that threatens everyone our heroes love, and you’ve got a page turner you won’t be able to put down.”

“Intense and action-packed starting from the first page.”

“WOW! what an exciting thrill ride!!! This is such a fun, unique series…I loved book 1 and had high hopes for this second installment. Let me just say, Brian Thompson has blown it out the water!!! Fantastic!”

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Forgotten_300dpiBook 3: Forgotten


Months after absorbing a nuclear explosion, Jason Champion is recuperating in a hospital when he is attacked by a shape-shifter with an agenda. She wants to harvest Jason’s radioactive blood to keep his enemy, David King, alive. King had almost died at Jason’s hands, but he now wants revenge. Following a narrow escape, Jason is joined by his new girlfriend Rhapsody, his ex Sasha, and a new friend, Esteban. While the provenance emerald, scarlet emerald, goshenite, heliodor, and morganite crystals that grant them mysterious powers are safe, there is a new threat. The most sought after version, aquamarine, has been found. Its wearer can raise the dead. Now in possession of the aquamarine, Jason is faced with decisions: deliver it to King in 72 hours or let everyone he cares about pay the price. He and his friends race across the nation to do the impossible: keep those close to him safe while defending the aquamarine before time runs out.

“Mr. Thompson has created characters so three dimensional that their superpowers seem believable. The teen angst is spot on and as a reader you ride the roller coaster of emotions with him.”

“Probably the most interesting book in this series (so far at least)… This one strikes me as a deeper story with more food for thought.”

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CIR: What would you compare this book to?

THOMPSON: Chronicle meets Percy Jackson in the inner city
CIR: What is the main character like?

THOMPSON: In many ways, Jason Champion is a normal teenager with normal teenager problems. His mom died of cancer when he was 12, and his father Ray refused to raise him, so he lives with Ray’s ex-wife Debra. Their relationship is tense because Jason keeps getting in trouble at school, which is the launching point for him being sent to alternative school. He has a good heart and wants to do the right thing, but he continually finds himself in predicaments he can’t control. Many of those circumstances are due to his rage blackouts and temper flare ups.
CIR: Are any of the characters based on people you know?

THOMPSON: I frequently run contests or name suggestions in my Facebook groups and Author Brian Thompson fan page, so yes. One of the main characters, Rhapsody, is based loosely on a former student of mine — Christine Mayfield. Christine is half Panamanian, like Rhapsody is. Her father, George Lowe, is named for the deceased father of one of my best friends. Debra Brown is based on my stepmother, who is one of two people on the planet who would parent a child as troubled as Jason who wasn’t hers. Jason’s deceased grandmother Barbara and Janitor Brad are named for my parents and Jeff Peters is named for a friend of mine, Jeff Ransom. Nobody is to-the-letter based on a real person. Those are the main ones throughout the series.

Content advisory: Contains mature themes (not portrayed, but discussed) about teen sex and suicide. Subject matter may not be suitable for some younger readers.

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