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rockyby Jodi Bowersox


Book 1: Rocky Mountain Angels

When Mari Baker moves in next door, Benjamin Rhodes knows she’s the girl for him. Who cares if she’s ten years older than he is.

When Mari Baker moves in next door, Eli Rhodes is captivated by her fiery spirit and brunette curls. Sure, she’s nothing like the singles bar hook-ups he usually entertains, but someone like her could make a man change his ways.

When Mari Baker moves in next door, Joe Rhodes is unofficially engaged to Beth Havland, so why is this little snippet of a woman getting under his skin? Yeah, she’s sweet and smart and shares his faith, but he and Beth have made plans. At least they’ve talked about making plans.

When Mari Baker moves to Colorado Springs, she’s looking for a fresh start–a new path. The first path she walks, however, is up the steps of the big Victorian house next door after she slips on the ice and throws her purse down the storm drain before she even has a chance to open the door of her new rental. The Rhodes brothers become her rescuing angels that night, and the next path that forms is the one between their house and hers.

“It was great to read about people who live their faith. Mari has a quiet faith and a beautiful heart.”

“Yes, this is a love story, but it is so much more!”

“I loved the contrast between the brothers in their approach to relationships, with faith and without, and Mari’s growing maturity in recognizing the difference. Mari, and all three of the brothers, were endearing and likable, and you just wanted it to work out well for all of them. Thumbs up!”

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front coverBook 2: Rocky Mountain Sunrise


Joe Rhodes had it all—a sweet, beautiful fiancée, a successful construction business, and a three story home that he and his brothers had restored to its full Victorian splendor. Then the housing market collapsed, sending his business to the brink of bankruptcy, and he had to sell the house to save the business. At least he still has Mari.

Mari Baker is just a month away from marrying the man she calls her “dazzling Joe” when she repeatedly notices a tall, mysterious stranger watching her. Could he be a stalker? Suddenly she finds herself alone with the man, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Joe isn’t sure what to believe about the guy in the trench coat. Mari certainly isn’t making any sense about it all. How can she expect him to believe such a ridiculous story? Before, he would have said he trusted her implicitly, but now he isn’t sure. It’s just too far-fetched. Maybe he has lost it all.

Mari knows she sounds crazy, but Joe just has to believe her. She can’t do this alone.

“I love the suspense, the drama, the romance, and especially the worship of the Savior told a way I’d never imagined.”

“I was anxious to read this second book in the Rocky Mountain Series. The first book was a great story and Jodi’s stories are always entertaining. This one caught me off guard and caused me to do some serious thinking – what if I was confronted with this situation? I loved that it made me think, and I loved this story too!”

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RMR_Cover frontBook 3: Rocky Mountain Redemption


Ben Rhodes was depressed. His ex-girlfriend had betrayed him, then skipped the country.

Rhonda Holloway spent a year trying to help him–a year falling in love with him. Ben didn’t notice.

With the help of an anti-depressant, he wakes up to the possibilities, and as he reassesses everything she’s done for him, love blooms in his heart. But Rhonda is gone on a European book tour. And comes home engaged.

Fear wins the day as love is denied. Truth is pushed aside for the sake of integrity. Hope goes in and out with the tides of time and the words of one small boy. One very special boy.

“This was one of those ‘dinner and laundry can wait till I finish reading’ sort of books.”

“The characters are like friends I’ve been waiting to come back. I highly recommend this series if you are looking for something out of the ordinary you won’t be disappointed.”

“Home run! A must read!”

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Book 4: Rocky Mountain Destiny


The gospel like you’e never experienced it before!

“Jesus, are you just strolling on the lake?”

They heard a hearty laugh. “I guess I am. It’s invigorating! You should try it!”


“The characters in this book series have become like family. This whole series is very thought provoking, with this one being the best so far.”


“I love this book! And I appreciate how it gives me new questions and new perspective when I read the Gospels.”


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Book 5: Rocky Mountain Calvary


Marcus took his sister by the elbow, moved her a few steps toward a bench on the edge of the pavilion and sat, pulling her down with him. He awkwardly took her hand. “Steph… I’ve been close to Jesus this whole trip. Believe me, what he’s saying makes sense if you’re… tuned in to the way he talks about things.” She looked skeptical, but he pressed on. “Really. You may not like what he says or what his words actually mean, but he’s not crazy. He just has a mission here that few will understand.”

She let him keep hold of her, but her voice was still dripping with sarcasm. “I guess not. Who would have guessed his mission was slicing himself up for lunch.”

Marcus released her hand with a breath blown out in exasperation. He knew exactly what Jesus meant. His flesh and blood were going to be sacrificed. He intended to give up his life for humanity. But he didn’t know if Stephanie would be able to deal with that; he barely could himself. And what of Aunt Mari? Does she know her son is going to die?


“I could immerse myself in the story and see it all happening. The gospel as it would happen in today’s world.”


“I love books whose characters and events continue to live in my head long after I’ve finished the book. And this is one of those books!”


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CIR: What do you hope your readers will get out of this series?

BOWERSOX: First, I always hope my readers are entertained. I hope they will fall in love with the characters and let themselves get swept away in the story. I also hope that they will be encouraged as they see these characters struggle with the realities and temptations of every day life and yet push forward to find their best path.

CIR: What makes your books unique?

BOWERSOX: I don’t recycle overused romance plots. This is not a story of  the woman who can’t tell a good guy from a bad guy. Several reviewers have commented that it is “different.” I take that as a high compliment.

CIR: What themes do you address in this series?

BOWERSOX: My Rocky Mountain Series is all about looking at an old, very familiar story in a fresh way. To think a little deeper, empathize more fully, understand just a little bit more.

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