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Travel Glasses Coverby Chess Desalls


Book 1: Travel Glasses


The fireplace glowed and crackled behind me as the light of the flames reflected off of Valcas’ lenses. I sipped tea while sitting cross-legged on a sleeping bag.

“Time travel is possible and has been in operation for a long time,” he began. “There are at least two known methods of travel. This,” he said as he removed his glasses and handed them to me. “Is my way.”

Valcas’ sunglasses did not look extraordinary. They were large enough to block light from the front and sides. Both the frames and lenses were of a similar black opaque material, light and smooth like plastic. The tops and sides of each rounded rectangular lens were shuttered. I turned the glasses in my hands, looking them over, expecting to see a power switch and control buttons. There weren’t any. Still holding the glasses in my hands, I looked up at Valcas—I was finally going to see his eyes. When I did, I froze.

“This fast paced time travel adventure is filled with action, thrills and suspense all centered around a mystery and a very unlikely romance. I truly enjoyed it even though I am still a bit lost. I can’t wait to find out what happens next!”

“Well-written and intriguing it caught and kept my attention right through, and was what so often appeals to me about YA, a great story and relaxing to read. I certainly want to know more.”

“The characters are so superbly developed that the readers feel an instant connection to them. Get ready for a journey though time and space, courtesy of the Travel Glasses.”


Insight Kindling - EbookBook 2: Insight Kindling


The gravel beneath us grated with each step. A bright white glow, thicker and more pervasive than the gritty fog, once again surrounded us. Without our travel glasses the light would have been painful. It would have forced both of us to close our eyes.

I kept my eyes open as the light faded. Smooth polished stones replaced the rough gravel below us. We stopped running. I let go of Valcas’ hand and stepped forward.

A steel blue building stood at the end of the stone pathway. Its façade of smooth brick-shaped rectangles reflected the sky like glossy mirrors. The door to the building was closed, barred shut with long mirrored posts. The stenciling on the sign above the door read:

I wiped sweat from my palms across my jeans. All I had to do was run, to use the travel glasses to transport me somewhere else. Anywhere but here.


“The story is brilliantly written and the new characters are introduced seamlessly. In some ways, the travelers’ journeys and exotic locations brought me back to some of my favorite childhood fantasy films, such as Labyrinth and The Princess Bride.”

“Love the ideas and places in the worlds built by the author. If you love time travel and sci-fi you will love this book.”

“The author is very creative and makes me think outside the box.”


CIR: What inspired this series?

DESALLS: One morning, both the idea for the story title and the otherworldly time traveler, Valcas, popped into my head. To counter Valcas, I wanted to create a female lead who was strong and with whom readers could identify. That’s how Calla entered the story. Calla and I met the other characters together during her journeys through time and space. Travel Glasses started out as a short story. Then it turned into a novel. It wasn’t until I got to the last third of the story that I realized that it would become a series. Once it clicked that travel could be time travel, I ran with it.

CIR: What themes do you address in the series?

DESALLS: The Call to Search Everywhen series highlights conflicts between privacy and self-preservation, as well as the development of meaningful versus illusory relationships.

CIR: If you could create the perfectly specific genre title for this series, what would it be?

DESALLS: YA fantasy filled with metafiction and other literary twistiness

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