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secrets of the realmby Bev Stout


Blamed for her uncle’s death, Annie Moore has no choice but to run away and seek a better life for herself. Knowing the dangers an unescorted female will face on the streets of eighteenth century London, fifteen-year-old Annie disguises herself as a boy. 

Annie’s life changes course when she becomes Captain Hawke’s cabin boy on the merchant ship, the Realm. Annie is a spirited one, but she learns fast that her quick temper and poor judgment will not earn her the respect from the crew she desperately needs. 

To make matters more difficult, the motley crew of outcasts and gentlemen are a superstitious lot. If they discover there is a girl among them, it would mean serious trouble, not only for Annie, but also for the captain, who has secrets all his own.

When her past catches up with her, Annie’s life as a sailor is jeopardized. Annie knows this will be her greatest challenge yet. As Annie’s two worlds collide, she only trusts herself, but this time, it might not be enough.

“You will simply love the protagonist Annie Moore! I love how the author made her a strong, charismatic stubborn sometimes female lead! You couldn’t help but to root for her from the beginning of the novel to the end!”

“Ms. Stout combines rich descriptions with entertaining dialogue and nonstop action to create a memorable coming of age tale.”

“This is a great YA book for fans of historical fiction or readers looking to get lost in a grand adventure.”

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CIR: Reviewers love Annie Moore.  Tell us about her.

STOUT: Annie is a determined fifteen- year-old girl. She has to be. In her few short years on earth, she has endured tragedy and heartache.  As a spirited young woman, she seeks acceptance in a world dominated by men. While her impulsive behavior often gets her into trouble, her big heart leaves her vulnerable.

CIR: Is there a message you hope your readers will get out of this book?

STOUT: I want my readers to become a part of Annie’s story, and not just be observers. Hopefully, they will enjoy the world I have opened up to them, not one of the future or fantasy, but one that existed in the past.

CIR: What themes do you address in this book?

STOUT: Acceptance, without compromising one’s principles, love, loss, and perseverance.

CIR: What was it like to write a historical novel?

STOUT: I wrote every day and shared pages with a friend each time we got together to play tennis. It was that extra push I needed to keep writing. Once the rough draft was completed, I added more details to the story, and fleshed out the characters, giving them their individual personalities and quirks. Besides doing a lot of research of 18th century living, manor homes and sailing vessels, I also explored the decks of a replica of a sailing ship from that era. It gave me a good feel of what Annie and the Realm’s crew would have experienced when they were out at sea.

CIR: Reviewers were begging for a sequel.  Are you going to oblige?

STOUT: Yes, there is one, possibly two more in the series.  The next one, Return of the Realm, follows Annie on her adventures and misadventures. New characters will be introduced, while her shipmates from the original story will also be on hand.

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