seeking Christmasby Brenda Maxfield


The Christmas season has eighteen-year-old Courtney crossing the state line with her little brother Dennis to rendezvous with the man who deserted them years ago. Courtney remembers him only as the tall man who ran away. Dennis doesn’t remember him at all.

“What a blessing! I sat down and read the whole thing in one sitting and couldn’t believe how much of a punch it had in the amount of pages.”

“This is a great story about forgiveness.”

“This story left me spellbound, wanting to read more.”


CIR: What gave you the idea for this book?

MAXFIELD: I grew up on the Washington Coast, so I loved the idea of revisiting the area in a book series. Last summer, I was there and I stood next to the ocean breathing it all in, wanting to remember everything for my series!  I love to write coming of age stories. I also love to explore the theme of teens owning their own power. These stories play out before me every day as a high school teacher. I so admire the strength and spirit of my students, and I work to infuse those same qualities into my characters.

CIR: Reviewers have been very impacted by the depth of Courtney’s character.  Can you tell us about her?

MAXFIELD: Courtney is tough. As a teenager, she’s been forced into the parent role for her siblings, and it’s been hard. Being a normal teen, she battles with resentment and the desire to live her own life (and to have her own boyfriend). She fights her own insecurities in a household that only functions because of her constant efforts.

CIR: Who is your target audience?

MAXFIELD: All teens (and adults) who love to read about teens — their hopes, dreams, and challenges. I’ve been excited to welcome fans of all ages! I adore my readers!

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